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The Guns ‘n’ Religion Right Blames “Muslim” Obama for the Murder of “American Sniper” Chris Kyle

Alex Constantine - July 31, 2014

"The Legend," as deceased Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle was widely known, was something of an adult Eric Cartman, a pathological liar with an overblown ego.

His shaggy dog stories about Jesse "The Body" Ventura have led to a $1.8 million jury judgment in the cable conspiracist's favor.

The NPR blog reports: "The jury on Tuesday determined that Ventura was the figure described as a 'celebrity' Navy SEAL in Chris Kyle's 2012 book American Sniper. The SEAL was called 'Scruff Face' in the book, but Kyle later identified him as Ventura, who became a professional wrestler and one-term independent governor after leaving the Navy. Kyle wrote that in 2006 he had decked Ventura in a bar in California, after Ventura said that he hated America and that Navy SEALs 'deserve to lose a few.'

"Ventura denied having said any such thing and said the account had hurt his career, as well as his standing among the community of SEALs. Kyle died last year, but Ventura sued his estate.

"'The verdict will tell the world Chris Kyle's story was a lie," said David Bradley Olsen, Ventura's attorney. 'One-point-five million people have bought the book. Millions more heard Fox TV trash Jesse Ventura because of it. And the story went viral on the Internet and will be there forever.' ..."

Tuesday's edition of the Washington Post exposes Kyle -- who was shot dead in 2012 by a stressed-out Marine vet -- as a classic spinner of war yarns:

The so-called deadliest sniper in American history nurtured a comic book narrative. He was the “true American badass,” as one journalist called him, who dipped, wore big boots and affected an aw-shucks Texas swagger. With 160 confirmed kills under his belt and a beautiful family behind him, he became the stuff of military legend. He wrote a best-selling book. Statues were erected. Millions made.

And then there were his stories — some of which smelled fishy. “There were a lot of things he told people that are really unverifiable,” journalist Michael J. Mooney, who wrote a book on Kyle, told The Washington Post.

Like the one about how he and a bud went down to New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina and picked off dozens of bad guys. Or the one in which he took on two armed Texans bent on stealing his truck and shot them both dead. ...

"The Legend"

Post writer Terrance McCoy might consider that "The Legend" was a covert hit man, a professional killer whose only regret in life was that he hadn't wasted more people.

It's not all that unexpected that he also had a tendency to bend the truth. And poseurship is a common right-wing trait, after all.

But there are those on the far right who idolized the living "Legend" as they do Rambo. In their minds, Kyle was not a false, jingoistic, two-dimensional "patriot" who wrote his own self-serving comic book script and passed it off as his life, but a paramilitary icon, a lead-spitting hero.

And the same self-defined patriots can't stand the president of the United States. Far-right-wing commentators at The Blaze website suggest that there was more to Kyle's death than the media have let on, that he was a casualty of the despised Obama junta:

People, infowars.com broke the story monthes ago that the Marine had never been in combat and was in the motor pool. I’m talking interviews with those who knew him.

Kyle was eliminated just as all the Seals on that Chinook were!

Payback time from the Muslim in Chief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bet my bottom dollar obama or someone associated professionally with him was in some way involved with kyle’s murder.

This is starting to remind me of the kennedy assasination more and more. The government is notorious for their cloak and dagger bs operations, especially when they want to work around the Constitution to make people they don’t like disapper.

Kyle ended up on al-qaeda’s hit list for obvious reasons, and given that obama is a muslim i’m pretty sure that common ground started some kind of talks between our muslim in chief and the muslim fundies in the mideast.

If barack obama isnt the antichrist he probably has him on speed dial.

His wife is absolutely correct. The Vet and sniper are war heroes. The reason I say this is beacuse they fought for the American people, and The United States. There is no way they would attack each other. No matter how crazy the Government says one is. they know and respect one another. Another fuuughed up cover up. Off with his head. ...

Manchurian candidate! Said this right off the bat! god has NO mercy on the Chicago Obama Mafia admin!

I consider myself as conservative as the word can mean but I sure am troubled by all the conspiracy nuts who have posted here. The guy that killed Kyle was a dirt bag who wanted his truck. If you are unprepared for danger and relaxed, a five year old can take you out. ...

You can bet the truth is stranger than fiction with this administration. We know they intended to murder ALL of the folks in Benghazi and failed.

In a country where it is actually being suggested that stopping offensive speech to Muslims trumpts the 1st Amendment, yes, I find this completely plausible. Particularly when you consider who this government is in bed with, the number of SEAL Team Six members that are already dead, and that Sharia REQUIRES a death for a death of a Muslm. Out in left feild? Sure. Plausible? Without a doubt.

That’s the last you ever heard of that story. Instead they’re focused on lawsuits from former wrestlers.