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Above the Law Rupert Murdoch Operates Illegally in the UK

Alex Constantine - August 20, 2007

By Alex Constantine

RupertMurd Grani 405358 400 - Above the LawDespite his involvement in Australian organized crime (his business partner, Peter Abeles, was a Mafia kingpin), including heroin distribution and CIA money laundering (see: http://alexconstantine.blogspot.com/2007/08/murder-of-theresa-duncan-jim-cownie.html), Rupert Murdoch's CIA-Mafia status gives him license to engage in fascist propaganda campaigns and globally-reviled raids on major corporations. Across the Atlantic, a single Thatcherite trade minister violated British law by giving Murdoch a monopolization waiver in his illegal purchase The Times. Given his ties to the Langley and Sicily, there has never been a better prospect for a Congressional/Parliamentary investigation.

Who sold America on the genocidal war in Iraq, promotes hate radio personalities, colludes in GOP conspiracies and cover-ups (including stolen elections), told New Yorkers to breathe contaminated air, smears Muslims and builds false cases against innocent Islamic activists, defamed the Atlanta jury that found a federal conspiracy behind the murder of Martin Luther King, sandbags liberal activists, turned Bill Clinton into "the most corrupt president in American history," argued in court that "it's not against the law to lie," libels Hugo Chavez, promotes right-wing extremism via public deception, transforming innocent cable consumers into good little nazis? ...

See: "The London Times and Rupert Murdoch's Illegitimate Monopoly Waiver in the UK"

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