AI Development Stagnation is a Lie

I, too, have secrets. Who doesn't?

For once I'm going to explain something that cannot be documented because this is what a responsible person has do at times - I know it to be a fact by personal experience, not after researching it, and it has become an ingrained habit to report only that which can be documented. Can't explain what that experience is about, can't explain how I know it, can't explain why I can't explain (it opens a can of worms I'd rather not get into), but I know it to be true.

This is a complete lie:

" ... artificial intelligence has made little progress since 1956 ... "

Not only has there been progress in the classified sector - the AI software that has been developed by the CIA and DARPA exceeds the wildest imaginings of even "mainstream" scientists. You could communicate with a classified AI device equipped with vocal simulators for years by telephone, and swear that you'd been talking to a human being. If you were told that it was AI, you wouldn't believe it.

This headline is false:

Artificial Intelligence is still the Future
Speakers' Corner John McCarthy, optimist
By Wendy M. Grossman: Monday, 07 April 2008

This paragraph is a lie:

"JOHN McCARTHY IS an optimist. Yet the field McCarthy is most commonly associated with, artificial intelligence, has made little progress since 1956, when he convened the first Dartmouth conference."

This is a lie:

"I've been working on logical AI since 1958," he says, "and I've done some I think good work (and other people also), but still we don't have human-level intelligence yet ... "

Disinformation, straight up. AI has been perfected.

"I can't predict any definite date at which it will be achieved, even though Ray Kurzweil is eager to say it will happen by 2029. If I live to be 102 and am still capable of laughing I expect to laugh at him then."

These are lies.

If this is your political interest, it might be a good idea to look into this and demand that the Pentagon and intelligence services release AI technology. You can take my word for this. I haven't steered you wrong, as the press does daily.

AI is real, it has been perfected, and it could do wonders for mankind - IF it was declassified.

- Alex Constantine

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