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WorldNetDaily and the CIA’s Richard Mellon Scaife

Alex Constantine - October 3, 2008

Wiki: "WND was founded in 1997 by Joseph Farah. In 1991, after resigning as editor of the Sacramento Union, Farah co-founded the Western Journalism Center, known for its promotion of conservative causes, with James H. Smith, former publisher of the Sacramento Union.[Joesph Farah and WorldNetDaily", ConWebWatch. Retrieved on 28 October 2006]

In 1994 and 1995, foundations controlled by conservative financier and former owner of the Union Richard Mellon Scaife gave $330,000 to the Center.['Arkansas Project' Led to Turmoil and Rifts", Washington Post: A24, 1999. Retrieved on 3 May 2006] By May 1997, Farah set his eyes on the internet and set up WorldNetDaily as a project of the Center. In 1999, WorldNetDaily.com, Inc., with offices in Cave Junction, Oregon, was incorporated in Delaware as a for-profit subsidiary of the non-profit Western Journalism Center with the backing of $4.5 million from investors.["World's 'No. 1 website' goes for-profit"". World Net Daily. Retrieved on October 31, 2006.] As a result, Farah and the Western Journalism Center possess the bulk of the WND stock, but the remainder is owned by about 75 private investors. In August 2001, Business Week cited Farah who claimed WND had begun to turn a profit.["On the Web, Small and Focused Pays Off", BusinessWeek Online. Retrieved on 4 November 2006] Currently the webpage has a staff of approximately 25 people.["WorldNetDaily: About Us". Retrieved on December 1, 2006.]"


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