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Alex Constantine - September 26, 2023

By Alex Constantine
Fascism has evolved in corporate board rooms and country clubs (eg., Mar-a-Lago). It is an economic and political mutation that wasn't possible under Mussolini and Hitler unless their well-heeled donors willed it into existence.
Early in the last century, Industrial and financial Robber Barons birthed the mutate by germinating it with cash.
The organism introduced itself by launching into the Palmer Raids of 1919-20.
A year later, Henry Ford made his first financial contribution to Adolf Hitler. Political fascitis spread like a pandemic, so rapidly that DuPont and Morgan had no qualms about conspiring to overthrow FDR in the mid-30s. At the same time, the Robber Barons played both sides in a global war that slaughtered some 50-million people.
The attempted DuPont-Morgan coup and the war for world conquest failed, but when fascists are knocked down, they always pick themselves up and charge again.
In the '30s, Hitler made long strides in Germany thanks to financial underpinnings from heavy industry along the Rhine - and from America: the Morgan syndicate, Monsanto, Chase, Brown-Brothers Harriman, American Cyanimide, GM, ITT, Standard Oil, General Electric, and a host of other corporations that have happily funded fascist movements to the present day.
The Republican Party has gradually revealed itself to have no interest beyond the redistribution of wealth from each according to his need to each according to his billions in stock certificates -- socialism in reverse.
The same corporate sponsors of the Nazi Party continue to feed their shape-shifting mutation by hiring front men: Republicans.
Republicans can no longer speak with authority about Constitutional law, economics, national defense, law enforcement, or any traditional Republican cover story. Collectively, they have one purpose on this planet - shoveling federal revenue from lower financial strata to the top.
Republicans have tipped their hand with accelerationism. They have lost patience with democracy, and are rushing to have it all. Their leaders no longer pretend that they give a fig about free. equitable elections, civil liberties, human rights or the rule of law. Scientific beliefs are shaped by corporate interests. "Family values" dropped from GOP rhetoric years ago. North Korea and Russia are presumptive allies. The modern GOP bans books, storms the Capitol, wants hang a former Veep and execute military leaders who don't tow the line, also progressive thinkers, and declares civil war under Fox News gaslights. DeSantis suggests "slitting the throats" of normal people dismissed as "the Far-Left."
These are obviously not the bona fides of a Constitutionally-sanctioned political party. "Republic," per the Oxford dictionary, is "a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch." The organization's brand has no claim to "Republic," the country's founding concept. It isn't a "Republican" party. It's a mutation, an American Fascist Party.
The boot fits. Shouldn't Trump and his gaslit AFP clown army wear it?

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