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The WHO Nutrasweet Debate — An Incident in the Early Testing of the Sweetener Explains it All

Alex Constantine - September 30, 2023

By Alex Constantine

Aspartame, commercially known as Nutrasweet, is a compound of of amino acids derived from genetically modified bacterial waste. Of course, this rDNA-altered sewage causes cancer, as the WHO recently determined.

The scientists at G.D. Searle, the company that developed aspartame in the mid-60s, discovered this first-hand when they tested the addictive drug (widely mistaken for a harmless food additive) on lab animals.

At the eld of the trials, the animals were examined. Several were found to have malignant tumors.

Searle executives, with immense profits at stake, chose not to turn the unredacted medical data over to the FDA. But altering the true medical findings could jeopardize their careers.

So to they devised a novel solution to deceive the FDA.

The tumors were surgically removed. Then, on paper, the company could report that no cancerous growths were detected. Clean slate. Problem solved.

Based on Searle's testing -- also, a little strategic bribery here, a little influence-peddling there -- the carcinogen appeared on grocery store shelves.

And it has remained there, sustained by decades of fabricated, corporate-funded studies and compromised media coverage. The WHO took its sweet time issuing a public warning.

World health has been undermined for decades by the carcinogen.

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