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Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch & Washington Group International

Alex Constantine - May 29, 2008

By Alex Constantine

Peter Lynch was the husband of the late neo-con National Review propagandist Cathy Seipp. Ms. Seipp was the mentor of MediaBistro's Kate Coe, a spider-like propagandist who revels in trashing "conspiracy theorists." The following is from my investigation of the Duncan/Blake "suicides," and this is how I discovered Peter Lynch and the Washington Group International:

CATHY SEIPP'S CIA-FASCIST PROPAGANDA ROLE: " ... Like [Dennis] Miller, Ron Silver, Rob Long, Ben Stein, and a few celery-stick munchers, [Cathy] Seipp works the angle of being a rare, beleagured conservative in heathen Hollywood. You know, the type of writer/personality who peddles tales about saying something positive about George Bush at a party and everybody falling down in a dead faint; that sort of thing."

----> CATHY SEIPP "GOES TO BAT FOR JOE MCCARTHY and attacks the Hollywood Left:

----> DENNIS SEIPP, HER HUSBAND, WORKS FOR WASHINGTON GROUP INTERNATIONAL, INC. (WGI), formerly Morrison-Knudsen Corporation, which intersected with the CIA: " ... Brown & Platt is a rather prestigious Chicago law firm with a history dating back to 1881. It has become international in scope and has offices all across this country and around the world. Why would this legal giant have an interest in my little, obscure blog? One word and that is Seipp! The real kicker is that their interests do not revolve around the recently departed Cathy Seipp, but rather Dennis Seipp, associated with Washington Group International, Inc. ... "

----> THIS RETURNS US DIRECTLY TO WARREN BUFFETT'S CHARITY GOLF OUTING AT OFFUTT ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2001. WGI IS THE FORMER MORRISON-KNUDSON CORP., WHICH BRINGS US TO: "Peter S. Lynch - Manager o/t Fidelity Magellan Fund; FIDELITY MUTUAL FUND Whiz; Director of Morrison Knudsen and W. R. Grace & Company; Wall Street Stock Investor; Advisory Committee AmeriCares."

----> Re Lynch: He is a Knight of Malta, a distinction he shares with WR Grace and son. AmeriCares, of course, is a CIA front. On and on ...

But more importantly, ANNE TATLOCK (see part four), who was with Warren Buffett when her Fidelity Savings office was destroyed at the World Trade Center on 9/11, is also a principal of the FIDELITY MUTUAL FUND.
SEC Filing - http://www.secinfo.com/dwvdh.z22.htm

----> Let's Draw the Buffett-Tatlock-Lynch-9/11 Loop even Tighter: Recall that Anne Tatlock was an executive at FIDELITY INVESTMENTS. AND: "Peter Lynch (born January 19, 1944) is a Wall Street stock investor. He is currently a research consultant at FIDELITY INVESTMENTS."


He's been there for some time: " ... Lynch was hired as an intern with Fidelity Investments in 1966 partly because he had been caddying for Fidelity's president (among others) at Brae Burn Country Club in Newton, Massachusetts. ... When he returned after a two year Army stint he was hired permanently in 1969."

----> RE: Washington Group International, Inc.

WGI'S Defense Services Program, from the company web site:

" ... The Department of Defense, CLASSIFIED INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES and military installations face considerable challenges in responding to multiple world events. The transformation of the military structure, base closures and natural disasters has increased the demand for a highly qualified pool of contractors that quickly engage and mobilize to provide affordable, timely response. From new construction to refurbishment of existing facilities, we add value and cost savings to military projects and government-related agency life cycle programs. Our core strength lies in complex operations management in government facilities, backed by 70 years of military service in engineering, procurement, construction, operations, maintenance and management:

Global Military Base Operations, Maintenance, Closure and Realignment
Classified Engineering and Construction
Global Infrastructure and Privatization

----> WGI is owned by the URS Corporation. Let's take a look at the URS Board of Directors, where we find representatives from Rand Corp., Lockheed (Cohen Group is its lobbying arm), Textron, some CIA fronts (Agilent, VeriSign), and other scurillous corporations:

H. Jesse Arnelle - ... a director of Textron Corporation since 1993 ... a director of Gannett Company [owned in part by BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY] ... a director of Union Pacific and Resources, Inc.; as a director of Wells Fargo and Company; and as a director of Waste Management, Inc. ...

Armen Der Marderosian - ... Mr. Der Marderosian served as President and Chief Executive Officer of GTE Government Systems Corporation from 1995 to 1999 ...

Lydia H. Kennard - ... served on the Board of Trustees of Rand Corporation since 2002 ...

General Joseph W. Ralston - ... Vice Chairman of The Cohen Group since 2003 ... a director of Lockheed Martin since 2003 ... General Ralston's military career began in 1965 and concluded in 2003 when he retired from active duty. General Ralston's military career was highlighted by his service as Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Washington, D.C. from 1996 to 2000 and Commander, U.S. European Command and Supreme Allied Commander Europe, NATO from 2000 to 2003.

John D. Roach - ... a director of VeriSign, Inc. (since July 2007) ...

William P. Sullivan - ... the President and Chief Executive Officer of Agilent Technologies, Inc. ... He served as Agilent's Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer from March 2002 until March 2005 ... a Director of Agilent since March 2005..

William D. Walsh - Mr. Walsh has served as Chairman of Sequoia Associates LLC, a private investment firm, since 1982
----> Re: Cathy Seipp

Fox News mourned her passing after a long bout with lung cancer: " ... Cathy was a conservative by choice, not by upbringing, and she delighted in exposing liberals for their elitism and insensitivity. ... "


"The WGA West remains filled with unreconstructed apologists for American Communists."

" ... People on the left [who in America push for affirmative action for women and gay marriage] are making common cause with political Islam, which regards women as chattel and think homosexuals should be crushed in walls. ... "

"The Los Angeles Times and The New York Times are liberally-biased and will not admit it... "

"A disapproving phrase you get called a lot here if you’re conservative is 'mean-spirited.'"

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