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War Profiteer Scott Sacknoff, SPADE Defense Index, Makes a Killing!

Alex Constantine - July 9, 2007

logo - War Profiteer Scott Sacknoff, SPADE Defense Index, Makes a Killing!" ... Boeing is up 33% for the year ... "

Looking for a solid investment in rabid mass murder? ... Cold war fear-mongering once fuelled the defense contractors, and today it's fear of burqas, foreign inflections, government provocateurs - fear is Big Business ...
Defense Budget Growth Fuels Investment Gains
February 6, 2006 - Washington DC

"President Bush's FY-07 budget request continues to favor spending on defense and homeland security. The discretionary budget for the Pentagon is set to increase by nearly 5% to $439.3 billion including $84.2 billion for weapon systems, an 8% gain. This amount is in addition to $120 billion requested by the Pentagon to help pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and an estimated $40 billion in classified and intelligence-agency related programs. With overall funding for the DHS set to rise by 6% to 42.7 billion and the discretionary budget set to rise by 5% from $30.8, billion the President has proposed spending an estimated $600 billion on the security of our nation. ... "

Peregrin Wood writes: "Bush won’t sell out his friends in the wartime contracting corporations. 'Protecting our nation remains the most vital and critical element of government,” writes Scott Sacknoff, who directs a military corporation investment fund. “For investors, this is a factor that should not be ignored.' Yes, there’s lots of money to be made from war, Mr. Sacknoff. I can’t deny that. ..."
"Scott Sacknoff, Manger of SPADE Defense Index (AMEX: DXS) Discusses Leading Gainers: Armor Holdings, Force Protection and Security and Biometrics Firms Cogent, L-1 Identity Solutions, and OSI Systems POINT

Homeland Defense stocks have performed better than the broad market explains Sacknoff. ...

"Many of the top gainers included in the Spade Defense Index are in the 2.5 billion to 7 billion dollar range, with Iraq being a key factor in the success of many firms involved in supplying the military. 'As would be expected, firms involved with the armored vehicles used in Iraq, such as Armor Holdings and Force Protection, have done well with the firms up 30% and 24% respectively. Defense IT firms such as CACI, SI International, Mantech, and MTC Technologies continue to lag the index as the Pentagon shifts monies from R&D and investment programs to fund the war in Iraq. The Big 5 defense prime systems contractors are all up in the 4-7% range.'"

ROBERTS, Wash., DELTA, B.C. - May 10, 2007

"www.HomelandDefenseStocks.com, a global investor and industry portal for the homeland defense and security sector, presents the SPADE Defense Index Investor Podcast. This month's interview with Scott Sacknoff, manager of the SPADE Defense Index (AMEX: DXS) ... "


Investor Audio Podcast Reviews Performance of Homeland Defense and Security Stocks

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