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The Latest CIA Psyop in Venezuela

Alex Constantine - June 27, 2009

Operation Peter Pan Returns in the Hands of the CIA

On Friday, in the television program Contragolpe, aired by Venezolana de Televisión, the Minister of Popular Power for Education, Héctor Navarro, denounced a new version of Operation Peter Pan in Venezuela by way of a campaign supported by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), which is trying to promote fear among parents stating that there’s a law that supposedly transfers children’s custody to the State.

The Education Minister pointed out that it’s a strategy set up by the private mass media, oriented to a psychological operation against Venezuelans. The top official presented a recording by a Venezuelan announcer, who used to work in a radio station in the country but who now lives in Miami, in which he is spreading a manipulative message about the Organic Education Law adducing that in its articles it establishes that the Venezuelan state will take parents’ custody rights over their children away from them.

The recording is circulating on the Internet in MP3 format and its origin is in the Venezuelan state of Carabobo.

During his television appearance Minister Navarro affirmed that “if there’s anything we believe in with regard to the Venezuelan Revolution it is people, family, and children (…). Who could possibly think that I, as a grandfather, could be in any way in favor of taking children’s custody away from their parents, of separating them from their families from the age of three until they’re 20?”

He pointed out that the mass media are carrying out a “process of softening up that has to do with taking control of Venezuelans’ conscience.”

Antecedents of this new felony are the posters, leaflets and stickers that have circulated around the country against the bill of the new law for education, with the slogan "Don’t mess with my children."

Not very original and always perfidious, the CIA is continuing pull the strings of manipulation and counterrevolutionary action, using Venezuelan pawns. They don’t care if, in their attempt to send revolutions to “Never Never Land”, the children are the direct victims.


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