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Spitzer’s Madam Plans to Run for Outgoing NY Gov. Paterson’s Seat – and Her Key Campaign Advisor is the GOP’s Roger Stone

Kristin Davis + Roger Stone = Nonsense

By Abe Gurko | Huffington Post | February 27, 2010

Now that David Patterson has officially backed out of the race, look who’s planning to take a stab as Governator for the State of New York? Remember the Elliot Spitzer, Client 9, Ashley Dupre saga? Yes, that old, tired story. Well, the madame in that trinella, Kristin Davis, no, not the Kristin Davis from Sex and the City, but the one pictured above is ready to take her stand. Davis was the only one in that case that went to the slammer for her dirty dealings. I am sure while Kristin stewed in prison, she hatched this riveting plan to get back at Spitzer…or The Man. Now a Libertarian, Davis is prepared to take on Andrew Cuomo, and anyone else that has balls as big as hers. …

She has hired the veteran Republican lobbyist, Roger Stone, from Richard Nixon’s Committee to Re-elect the President fame, to do all her maneuvering. Stone refers to himself as “a GOP hitman” and has been referred to as, “The most dangerous person in America today…”. Davis’ press release reads:

“Davis will announce her intention to petition her way onto the ballot and will outline her platform, which includes legalization, regulation and taxation of prostitution and marijuana to generate urgently needed new revenues for New York State and her support for gay marriage.”  …


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