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Senator Bill Nelson is a Member of The Family

Alex Constantine - September 22, 2009

Jennifer Hancock
September 6, 2009

According to Jeff Sharlet in his new book, The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power, former astronaut and current Democratic Senator from Florida, Bill Nelson, is a member of The Family. The Family is a cult-like religious sect that emphasizes personal obedience and seeks to create a theocratic kingdom on earth. Not a democracy, a kingdom. And not just in the United States, but globally. In fact, their agenda is much bigger in scope then what the Taliban or Al Qaida have ever contemplated.

The main concern about the religious beliefs of Family members is that they believe in certitude. According to Sharlet, members of the Family believe they are chosen by God and that the inner voice in their heads is God speaking to them. As long as they obey that voice in their head they must be doing God’s will and can therefore do no wrong. Which explains why they feel no remorse for condoning and causing great amounts of suffering all around the world.

The Family routinely works with foreign governments, negotiating deals counter to American interest in direct violation of the Logan Act. For instance, the Iran-Contra scandal was brought to us by the Family and resulted in the deaths of millions of Salvadorians making it one of the bloodiest battlefields of the cold war. In short, the Family supports and deals with despots around the world without qualm. Anyone who comes to them for help is welcomed regardless of background because God must have sent them to the Family for a reason. All the Family is interested in is the exercise of power. As a result, they almost always side with corrupt governments and big corporations over the needs of ordinary people.


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