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San Jose Files Lawsuit Against Monsanto for PCB Contamination in SF Bay

Alex Constantine - July 11, 2015

DALLAS, TEXAS, July 9, 2015 -- Today, the City of San Jose filed a lawsuit against Monsanto Company, a sustainable agriculture organization, for alleged contamination of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in the city's stormwater that flows into San Francisco Bay. The State Water Resources Control Board recently issued a tentative order affecting San Jose's stormwater operations and potentially reducing the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) specifically aimed at PCBs.

PCBs are man-made chemical compounds that were produced by Monsanto Company in the United States from the early 1930s until the late 1970s, when Congress banned the production and use of PCBs based on their danger to human and environmental health. During those five decades, Monsanto's PCBs were allegedly incorporated into a variety of products and applications including electrical equipment, paints, caulks, and other building materials.

The State Water Resources Control Board has determined that the presence of PCBs in San Jose stormwaterpotentially threatens San Francisco Bay as a habitat for fish and wildlife, impairs its use for recreational opportunities, compromises its quality as a tourist and convention destination, and interferes with its use and enjoyment by the people of the State of California. Other California cities are subject to similar stormwater permits with TMDLs related to the reduction of PCBs prior to discharge into the ocean or other waterways.

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  1. Calcium hydroxide will break down pcb to non-toxic substance in hours. Reference nexusmagazine, crew dumped lime on an electrical transformer pcb oil leak and the next day no detectable levels, also ozone or hydrogen peroxide + detergent will decompose pcb quickly. On the other hand clorisan, in hand sanitizers will react with sunlight and oxygen to FORM chlorinated phenols. Monsanto is criminal, the reason is not even for money, it is rapism. “Rapism is the paradigm of all oppression-the root and model of war, racism, man-made poverty, chemical contamination” Mary Daly, Beyond God the Father. The rapism is conducted in greater than 4 dimensions- “For history is simply form, used to contain energy. Historical events are temporal, the energy of consciousness eternal. The Illuminati are using both historical event and memory as form to entrap consciousness and the energy it contains, which they then use to fuel their activities in various levels of the auric field.”-The Illuminati and the Auric Field, Beth Goobie, paranoiamagazine issue 39. Protect your auric field with labradorite crystals and soul retrieval. See also “The Network of Stolen Consciousness” by same author. All thoughts flow freely throughout all time.

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