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Mind Control is the Topic of Upcoming Discovery Series

Alex Constantine - March 9, 2014

March 5, 2014

LONDON: Discovery Networks International (DNI) has placed an order for The Mind Control Freaks, an original series focused on brain manipulation.

The Mind Control Freaks explores psychological techniques, including peer pressure and hypnosis, to illustrate the process of mind control. It will feature Alexis Conran (The Real Hustle); Liv Boeree, a skilled poker player; Lewis Le Val, a hypnosis expert; and Pete Wardell, who has mastered the art of sleight-of-hand. The program was produced by Objective Productions. It is slated to begin airing internationally next month on Discovery Channel across DNI's more than 224 territories.

"The Mind Control Freaks is an exciting new series for us which plays in a new space for Discovery Channel," says Sarah T. Davies, VP of production and development for factual at DNI. "We've been exploring the reinvention and fusion of genres with a lot of success, and The Mind Control Freaks is set to take that to the next level as we blur the lines between science, psychology and trickery in an all-new format."

Paul Gilheany, executive producer for Objective Productions, says, "making this series has been a real eye-opener— a surprising, revealing and sometimes terrifying insight into how easily and thoroughly we can be controlled by other people."

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