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Letter from VictorSRMoore, a Descendent of Betsy Ross SNL, McCain and Things I Should Do

Alex Constantine - October 16, 2008

Letter from mein freund Victor in Redwood, California who actively supports this blog, sends suggestions daily for more work I need to be doing:

SNL at least acknowledged your UK Guardian Jagger Angels story last spring or winter. SNL McCain butt kissers. UK Guardian Belushi? McCains daughter in her 20's is a SNL staff intern. They tell her they want him on show/ she gets daddy. She's plugging a kids book about daddy the war hero Manchurian Candidate. Was on Burbank Ca. Carson Daley show tonight NBC TV after Conan O'Brian.

SNL clowns have been the court jester fool to King KKKeating-5 McCocaine too long!

Maybe send Mae Belushi story. Thus if you add AC 90's books "Hot-Shot" assassins technique of staging overdose plus J.Morrison JJ & other O.D. assasinations lists, plus beginner's big picture COINTELPRO dead body list.

Beginners Fascist/Mafia ties list like your GM DUPONTS STANDARD OIL HENRY FORD DISNEY etc. from your flag & a cross article recently reposted.

Jimi Waterboard assassin staged as O.D. Waterboarding was just legalized with Feds. I think Congress?

OP MOCKINGBIRD CIA plus liar News cover up biz as usual Reich propaganda explaination to newbies. Freddie Prinz comic dr death psych. drugs. same doc as Elvis & other pill deaths celebs.

Only a few McCaine appearances SNL. the one where he points remote control at camera and says we could put computer chips in their head & rule them by remote control. have some lefties post that video clip all over web plus related AC article, Jonestown, Waco, Heavens Gate, Virginia Tech. etc.

New video dvd sales of SNL last seasons, new stores have used options also. craigslist.org LA sales, cd, video, dvd have used & new sales options. Use the search window, it is faster than reading 30 pages of 50 ads each.
Clinton years were drasticly better than last 8. no PNAC 60 to 100 nation World War declared.

Even though todays Nader McKinney talk on kpfa after 2party prez debate showed no talk of Wall Street & Corp. crime rip offs, busts & crack downs or taxing of corps.

Weeks till vote cheat day, they're in live production now not rerun summer.
overwhelming numbers help.

SNL Palin imitations are huge popular ratings, whole political world tunes in.
Real Palin is protesting SNL impersonations of her.

P.S. I suspect SNL comic Chris Farley's death, overdose with hooker & cocaine, heart failure, extreme food, drug, booze addictions. Not so bad before fame. Hooker refused to call ambulance on his requests on hotel death bed. Multi rehab tries with other celebs. Celeb circle of freinds all druggers, cocaine & or heroin busts etc.

Christian Slader actor was one. He was worth some money, primarily feature movie wise.

Political wise did a hilarious Newt Gingrich impersonation. Fed politicians like Congress or Senate hired him to imitate Newt in front of them & Newt Pants falling down showing butt crack, fat-ass mamas boy insecure kid with hairy gut & butt hanging out. Tried gay come on to other politician I think?

Banged gavel hammer on podium to pass joke bills or laws. It was TV aired.
One was that Republican Sonny Bono had to sing BABE I GOT YOU BABE Sonny & Cher song romanticly with Newt. All in favor vote Aye, gavel bang, it's passed. Whole Fed audience cracked up & ribbed Sonny to do it, he blushed but refused militantly. Humiliated but with grin. I don't suspect Sonny nice guy comic musician of hit on Farley. Sonny who died later in alleged snow ski accident; suspicious?


P.S.S. I know yer dodging cloak & daggers for 25 plus years, but sometimes best defense is a good offense.

Yer work, your call. Good luck.

P.S.S.S. recent aired on PBS 1930's Warner Bros. studios had strong resistance to them putting out anti Fascist movies like Maltese Falcon. So had to disguise as detective smaller skirmish not bigger us vs them nations conflicts. Had more sex, prostitution, molested pimped kids topics before McCarthy era g-rated Cold War on media. I thanked Lauren Bechal (misspelled) in person, she doesn't seem as political as the EARLY DEATH Humphrey Bogart. Lots of Right Wing smokers out lived him?

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