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Jesse James Nazi Picture Floods the Internet

Alex Constantine - March 31, 2010

Jesse James Nazi Picture | www.realtvaddict.com | 3-31-10

Jesse James Nazi - Jesse James Nazi Picture Floods the InternetJesse James of Monster Garage (2003-2007) has been in the media a lot lately. James is sweetheart actress Sandra Bullock’s husband, and his alleged affairs with multiple women have put a bull’s eye target on his forehead. The tabloids and internet news alike have been running story after story about James’ alleged indiscretions, and it was enough to make me feel sorry for Sandra (because I’m sure seeing her husband’s face on the tabloids with headlines such as “Jesse James Exposed” and “Sandra Had Cheatin’ Suspicions” is oh-so-soothing).

But his latest appearance in the media has me even more disgusted—if that’s even possible.

US Weekly got a hold of a picture of the now-infamous Jesse James Nazi picture, featuring James wearing a Nazi officer’s hat and giving the “heil Hitler” salute. What’s also interesting is that one of the women he is suspected of having an affair with, model Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, can be seen in a similar photograph. In McGee’s picture, she is wearing a World War II German SS outfit. Pretty much everyone (neo-Nazis and Nazis excluded) detest Nazis and what they stand for. So why do these two cats enjoy dressing up like Nazis and having pictures taken?

I have absolutely no idea.

And you know what’s even more messed up? There have been claims that James himself actually lost family in Nazi death camps. Way to honor your ancestors, Jesse.

(Image Source: US Weekly)


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