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Gay Old Party Was This Tea Party Congressman Just Outed By ‘The Most Feared Man On The Hill’?

Alex Constantine - October 2, 2013

Mike Rogers, the man responsible for the outing of Congressmen Mark Foley, Larry Craig, David Dreier, and Edward Schrock — to name a few — had been fairly quiet for a while. Yesterday, the LGBT activist and blogger behind the once-very active BlogActive.com website outed a conservative, anti-gay Republican Senator from Wyoming, John Barrasso.

Rogers, by the way, has a perfect record.

In 2007, the Washington Post asked if Rogers is ‘The Most Feared Man on the Hill?

That, by the way, was before Rogers released many other names.

Today, it seems, there’s another name Rogers is adding to his list of secretly gay politicians who pretend to be straight while voting against the LGBT community — if his tweet really means what it suggests.

U.S. Congressman Adrian Smith, Tea Party Republican from Nebraska.

When asked for comment, Rogers said, ”My tweets stand on their own.”

Rep. Smith’s voting record is exactly what you’d expect from a Tea Party Congressman.

Smith (that’s him in the center of the photo at the top,) voted against ENDA in 2007. He voted against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) this year, which included provisions for “underserved populations” including sexual minorities and Native Americans. Smith even voted against the VAWA last year — two years in a row.

Rep. Smith even voted to prohibit the use of any federal funds to support same-sex marriages on military installations. So, if, say, an officer in the Navy wanted to marry her same-sex partner in Groton, Connecticut, where the subs are, Smith would want to ensure that even a janitor would not be paid by the U.S. government to mop the floor after an on-base or onboard wedding.

Congressman Smith certainly has earned his zero rating from HRC. Every chance possible, he voted against repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and against the Hate Crimes Bill.

At least the Cornhusker State Congressman is consistent. He’s also virulently anti-women, and has earned a zero from Planned Parenthood and NARAL.

But apparently the good Congressman is also against children.

Smith has voted many times against bills that would fund and expand children’s health insurance (CHIP and SCHIP). And, in keeping with the Republican mindset of doing harm at every opportunity, he also voted against funding programs designed to reduce the high rate of infant mortality in the country, especially in America’s most at-risk areas. Because abortion is always wrong — but so is helping kids stay alive and healthy, apparently.

But he did vote for something: banning the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases.

And — no surprise — Congressman Smith voted against a bill to provide funding for combating HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis in other countries.

Born in 1970, Congressman Adrian Smith is a “pro-life” evangelical Christian. His alma mater is Liberty University, and he is not married.

Smith voting record via Project Vote Smart and OnTheIssues


Image by Rep. Adrian Smith, via Flickr

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