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Alex Constantine - October 4, 2021

By Alex Constantine

In an exchange of emails on May 8, 2016, under the subject line "campaign proposal," Psy Group strategists discussed services to offer the Trump campaign. The Senate Intelligence Committee report mentiions "'psyop campaigns' concerning 'the opposition, " the use of "hundreds of avatars driving negative messaging," and "'physical world ops like counter protests, hecklers, etc." as means of advancing the referenced "psyop campaigns."
These "ops" were code-named Project Rome. It wasn't pitched, according to most media reports, but did provide strategies that were proposed to the Trump campaign, also also under the code-name Project Rome, so denials are moot.
In the committee report, we find that Joel Zamel, founder of Psy Group, "approached the Trump Campaign for a similar project in the second half of 2016. Zamel engaged the Trump Campaign with George Nader, an advisor to the United Arab· Emirates, who had raised the possibility of his (Nader's) financing a social media effort by Zamel targeting the 2016 U.S. presidential election."
Four years later, Mr. Nader was convicted of child sex trafficking and pornography charges by the District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. He was sent off by the court to begin a 10-year prison sentence. It is fair to ask: Did child prostitution and pornography pay for Psy Group's services to the Trump campaign? Zamel received payments directly from Nader's personal account tucked inside a business account owned by Zamel himself, but not one strictly related to business or elections.
The committee report states, "Zamel indicated that he first communicated with Nader in early 2016. Zamel and Nader were introduced by John Hannah, a Zamel advisor, and began communicating multiple times a week and sometimes daily. In June 2016, the two met in St. Petersburg, Russia. ...
"According to Zamel, he and Nader continued to meet a few more times in New York, Washington, D.C., and elsewhere. Sometime in July 2016, Nader expressed an interest in meeting with someone affiliated with either the Trump Campaign or Donald Trump's family. To broker such a meeting, Zamel contacted Erik Prince, who he understood to be involved in the presidential campaign. Erik Prince was in the process of cultivating his own access to the Trump Campaign and indicated that if successful, he might be able to assist in Zamel' s efforts to connect Nader with the Campaign. ..."
"Shortly thereafter, in early August 2016, Zamel, Erik Prince and George Nader met with Donald Trump Jr. at the Trump Tower building in New York. According to Zamel, Prince presided over the meeting. Prince and Trump Jr. discussed issues pertaining to the campaign. Later in the meeting, Nader raised issues pertinent to the Middle East, specifically ISIS and Iran. Zamel indicated that Stephen Miller joined the roughly 25-minute meeting at about the half-way point. Mr. Zamel did not recall Russia being mentioned at any time during the meeting. Near its conclusion, Zamel explained 'very briefly' the work of his private intelligence firms, Wikistrat and Psy Group. In relation to the latter, Zamel asked Trump Jr. whether Psy Group's conducting a social media campaign paid for by Nader would present a conflict for the Trump Campaign. Trump Jr. opined that a Psy Group social media campaign would not conflict with the Trump Campaign's own efforts.
"In testimony to the Committee, Donald Trump Jr. indicated that he remembered George Nader from the August 2016 meeting, but was familiar with Joel Zamel's name only from preparing for Committee testimony. According to Trump Jr's. recollection of the August 2016 meeting, Erik Prince visited Trump Jr.' s office on relatively short notice, and was accompanied by Nader and Zamel. Trump Jr. did not recall any conversation concerning Middle East extremist groups or Iran sanctions, or organized efforts to assist the Trump Campaign, but he did remember talking to the individual later established to be Zamel about 'combatting fake news.'
"Zamel indicated that in the weeks after the August meeting with Donald Trump Jr., Nader 'circumvented' Zamel and began to communicate directly with Trump Jr., leaving Zamel 'cut out.' Asked whether Erik Prince ever encouraged Nader to pay Psy Group to undertake the project Zamel and Nader were considering, Zamel responded affirmatively and indicated that Prince made a statement along the lines of 'you should pay him.' Zamel quoted a price of 'five to ten million dollars' to Nader for the work and in response Nader indicated he would be willing to pay five million dollars to begin the work. The Committee did not find or receive information probative of the source of the five million dollars referenced by Nader."
George Nader, trafficker of children for sexual exploitation, was a Trump campaign cut-out who employed an Israeli cut-out who was, in fact, a Russian cut-out.
Lesson to be ingrained here: If you don't want to get caught violating strict Constitutionally-mandated laws against the recruitment of foreign governments to influence an election, always hire cut-outs. (See chart below.)
"Zamel told the Committee that Psy Group performed no work relative to the 2016 U.S. presidential election; "not a tweet, not a character, nothing."
This was tap-dancing under oath. As detailed below, Zamel engaged in work on behalf of Nader, for which he was paid in excess of $1 million. Nader was a Trump campaign cut-out, so his Senate testimony was technically true, but highly evasive.
"Zamel indicated that in mid-November 2016, Nader contacted him seeking to obtain 'a lot of documents on extremist groups,' and 'something that shows social media's impact on the election. ... Zamel presented the social media analysis to Nader in New York in January 2017. ... Zamel indicated that he was paid 'over a million dollars' for the presentation and an accompanying analysis of the 'Muslim Brotherhood and extremism.' According to news media reporting, an associate characterized the amount of money paid to Zamel as 'up to $2 million.' Zamel indicated that payment for these materials from Nader came directly 'from his personal account to a business entity related to me,' and was made prior to the presentation of the requested analysis.
"In a November 28, 2016 email, Psy Group employees discussed 'creating avatar armies to offer a service which could offer a similar effect the way Trump used masses of fake accounts on social media to create trending hashtags and create buzz around certain hot topics.' It was noted in this exchange that 'due to FB's [Facebook's] anti-fraud we could only do this small scale on FB [Facebook] but on [T]witter there was still opportunity to develop an automated system.' The exact meaning of the reference to Trump in this email is unclear. The Committee's investigation into Russia's use of social media to conduct foreign influence operations documents Russia's employment of fake online personas, often in support of the Trump Campaign, but the Committee did not find sufficient evidence to support the assertion that the Trump Campaign itself engaged in these practices. ...
"Zamel stated that Rudy Giuliani introduced him to Jared Kushner 'months after the inauguration' when he met with Kushner at the White House to discuss human rights issues in the Middle East, Iran, and 'counter-extremism.'"
Details of the Giuliani-Zamel meeting have been blacked out by the Republican-led committee. In the course of preparing this account, it was discovered that Psy Group's operations in Ukraine primarily involved discrediting anti-corruption activists.
It so happens that one such activist in the Obama administration made 11 trips to Ukraine to coordinate with the government in efforts to rein in corruption. This would be Joe Biden. He may or may not have been the topic of discussion when Zamel met with Giuliani, but after following leads and relaying them in sum, it's clear that Hunter Biden's current mud bath in the right-wing fantasy media bubble machine can be traced back to Psy Group. (More on this to come in part seven).
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