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FDA Destroyed Incriminating Records on Aspartame

Alex Constantine - January 18, 2008

By Betty Martini
Mission Possible

In 2002, I spoke with Jerome Bressler, author of the damning FDA audit
that exposed the corruption of the G. D. Searle Co., originator of aspartame. Bressler reported that rats killed by the poison were resurrected on paper, neoplasms filtered out and cancers caused by aspartame were ignored and deleted from Searle's records.

Today this rat poison and cancer stimulator is sold as NutraSweet and Equal and is in Diet Coke and thousands of other foods and drinks.

Bressler had retired and I wanted to thank him for being so honest. But his reply was shocking. He said, "If you think that's bad, when the FDA retyped my report they left out the worst 20%.They deleted my cover letter and there are two mice studies you need to see. Get those reports, they're very important." Doctors H. J. Roberts (Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, www.sunsentpress.com ) and Russell Blaylock (Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills, www.russellblaylockmd.com ) also called Jerome Bressler and got the same information.

This report is supposed to be a matter of public record, so Dr. Roberts asked his Congressman to get the record from the FDA. They even refused his congressman saying it was confidential. We were amazed that the FDA could withhold public documents from United States Congressmen. It's incriminating that a government agency like the FDA, which is suppose to be protecting the health of the public, would sell its soul to drug and chemical companies. [See the Bressler Report at http://www.dorway.com/bressler.txt Note that some tables are blacked out and parts of the text are omitted.]

FDA took the Fifth. But the fifth amendment to our Constitution doesn't permit federal agencies to hide criminal collusion with firms it regulates.

So on November 13, 2007, I sent a certified request to FDA, exercising my Freedom of Information rights to receive the 20% of the report they deleted. They said it's confidential and denied my request. I wrote back and explained that Jerome Bressler never gave permission for them to delete data from his FDA audit, and since this audit is public information they must release it.

FDA's response arrived on January 14, 2008 from Chicago, signed by George F. Bailey, Freedom of Information Officer, stating: "Due to the amount of time that has elapsed since the Bressler Report was written and based on the FDA's Records Retention Schedule, records in our files of that age have been destroyed." They were confidential in November, but when they realized there was no legal excuse to withhold what they had doctored, they were simply deleted.

Jerome Bressler blew the cover on G. D. Searle's perjuries. Some FDA bureaucrat, to protect Searle, blue-penciled Bressler's report, then the vital details of aspartame's toxicity were denied to a congressman, and now its
destroyed. Balderdash. This watchdog for the health of a nation received more complaints on aspartame than on any other additive. In 1995, they published a list of 10,000 consumer complaints. Isn't it comforting to know they destroy the evidence of corruption, of deaths, disabilities and complications visited on the public from approved drugs that produce serious or fatal injuries. With digital recording & storage technology that can maintain an infinity of data, FDA plunders it. Call it criminal FDA-Gate.

Protecting industry is what the FDA does. Jerome Bressler is not the only one who blew the whistle on the FDA. In 1987 Dr. Jacqueline Verrett, a toxicologist and member of the Bressler Task Force, testified before a US Senate hearing. She described the discrepancies found in the Searle tests of aspartame as 'serious departures from acceptable toxicological protocols.' "It is unthinkable," she said, 'that any reputable toxicologist giving a
complete, objective evaluation of the data resulting from such a study could conclude anything other than that the study was uninterpretable and worthless and should be repeated.'

"On the crucial question itself: 'It would appear that the safety of aspartame and its breakdown products has still not been satisfactorily determined, since many of the flaws cited in these three studies were also present in all of the other studies submitted by Searle.' "

What is particularly important about FDA toxicologist Dr. Verrett's testimony is she is saying that aspartame still had not been proven safe in 1987 and it had been on the market since 1981 which was due to the political chicanery of Don Rumsfeld who was CEO of Searle. Here is a clip about it from Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World: http://www.soundandfury.tv/pages/rumsfeld2.html

Dr. Verrett went even further on exposing the FDA. She wrote the book in l973 "Eating May Be Hazardous To Your Health: The Case Against Food Additives". The Chicago Tribune said:" After spending 15 years as a research scientist for the Food and Drug Administration, Verrett decided to bite the hand that had been feeding her. The FDA, she says, is not performing its duty; it has the legal authority to end food pollution, but it has not done so and it appears that its aims are not in that direction. Privy to a lot of inside information, Verrett (with the aid of writer Carper) makes a good case for the necessity of consumer protest. Read it -- all you've got to lose it your appetite."

Heroine, Dr. Jacqueline Verrett was not the only FDA toxicologist who was on site and saw Searle's studies, and exposed FDA. On August 1, l985 FDA toxicologist, Dr. Adrian Gross, told Congress at least one of Searle's studies "has established beyond ANY REASONABLE DOUBT that aspartame is capable of inducing brain tumors in experimental animals and that this predisposition of it is of extremely high significance. ... In view of these indications that the cancer causing potential of aspartame is a matter that had been established WAY BEYOND ANY REASONABLE DOUBT, one can ask: What is the reason for the apparent refusal by the FDA to invoke for this food additive the so-called Delaney Amendment to the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act?"

The Delaney Amendment makes it illegal to allow any residues of cancer causing chemicals in foods. In his concluding testimony Gross asked, "Given the cancer causing potential of aspartame how would the FDA justify its position that it views a certain amount of aspartame as constituting an allowable daily intake or 'safe' level of it? Is that position in effect not equivalent to setting a 'tolerance' for this food additive and thus a violation of that law? And if the FDA itself elects to violate the law, who is left to protect the health of the public?" Congressional Record SID835:131 (August 1, l985)

So the FDA allowed a product on the market that had been proven to cause cancer and gave a carcinogen an allowable daily dose. Then when the impeccable Ramazzini Study was released that proved aspartame to be a multipotential carcinogen in 2005, which the FDA had always known, peer reviewed by 7 world experts, they announced in a report aspartame doesn't cause cancer and completely ignored it. To make matters worse they released this notice on a Friday prior to Dr. M. Soffritti releasing a second study the following day, April 23, 2007 at the Mount Sinai Medical School of New York showing not only does aspartame trigger cancer but even in small amounts. If a pregnant woman uses it and the baby survives since aspartame is a teratogen causing birth defects and mental retardation, that child
can grow up and get cancer. By releasing their report during the same time period they confused the public. They have yet to comment on this damning second study. Dr. Soffritti received the Irving J. Selikoff Award for his work, a reward only given three times in history. Barbara Metzler, Mission Possible New Jersey and myself attended.

The coverup of dangerous products by FDA cast upon the public is notorious. Another example is the MSG fiasco. Glutamate researchers used aspartame as a placebo in studies so they could say MSG wouldn't react anymore than the placebo. MSG is also an excitotoxin like the aspartic acid in aspartame as discussed in Dr. Blaylock's book, Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills. In 1993 Jack Samuels, President of the Truth in Labeling Campaign, was reviewing FDA docket files relating to an FDA study on the safety of amino acids in supplements. In the files, he found a letter dated March 22, 1991, from Andrew G. Ebert, PhD, Chairman, International Glutamate Technical Committee - a glutamate industry organization - in which Ebert admitted that aspartame had been used since at least 1978 in test and placebo materials that his organization provided to scientists who study the safety of MSG. www.truthinlabeling.org

A review of studies conducted with the above-referenced test material clearly indicates that some subjects reacted to both MSG test material, and placebo material. Scientists conducting such studies concluded that since subjects reacted to both MSG and placebos, their reactions were not from MSG. Even though such logic is highly questionable, we now know that subjects reacted to placebos because of the presence of aspartame, an additive that causes MSG-type responses in MSG responses in MSG-sensitive people.

Because of the disclosure of the use of aspartame in placebo material by Jack
Samuels, the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, in its July 1995 report on the safety of MSG in food, concluded that the use of aspartame in placebo materials was inappropriate. Why were these early studies not destroyed too? Because the FDA was caught red-handed. They had known all these years and done nothing. They did not even slap the hands of the glutamate industry. Is aspartame still being used as their placebo?

In a Citizens Petition to ban six years ago I exposed the government documents showing aspartame had never been proven safe and the FDA had been lying to the public. The law requires that FDA answer in 180 days. They refused to answer it showing they serve above the law. In October, 2007 I sent an amendment based on an imminent health hazard which must be answered immediately. Again, FDA has not answered.

FDA-GATE requires Congress to immediately investigate aspartame approval, Don Rumsfeld's part in this, and FDA's collusion with the drug and chemical companies they regulate. In July, 2007 I lectured in New Zealand and met with their Food Standards who admitted they had done no studies on aspartame and relied on FDA. New Zealand has their own petition to ban. So aspartame which is in reality an addictive excitoneurotoxic carcinogenic drug that interacts with drugs and vaccines is being consumed in over 100 countries of the world by an unwarned public, and has caused a global plague. While the 47 members of the UK Parliament have asked for a ban Food Standards there also using FDA propaganda has basically ignored the
issue except to say they will do an anecdotal study. Aspartame was approved in the UK by Paul Turner with their agency through a business deal with Searle. When Parliament found out they had a blow-out, the story was in the Guardian, but the poison was never rescinded. When New Mexico attempted to ban aspartame from the state the capital was saturated with lobbyists lying to the Senate and House again using FDA propaganda. Addressing the Senate was difficult with a large proportion of Senators sipping on addictive
Diet Coke. Dr. Ken Stoller also testified and told these Senators he didn't expect to get anywhere when they were using the product but at least consider the children. The vote to table was actually by someone who doesn't drink Diet Coke, the only physician in the legislature, Steve Komadina, MD from Corrales, an obstetrician and gynecologist who strongly advises his own patients not to use aspartame because of the formaldehyde neurotoxicity and the abortifacient effects on the fetus. Which lobbyist got to this OB-GYN physician senator who didn't care about the rest of the babies in New Mexico?

It was impossible for Searle to prove their neurotoxin is safe. In one test on seven monkeys five had grand mal seizures and one died; an 86% casualty rate. Records were destroyed to protect the guilty FDA regulators and their corporate sugar-daddies who provide more than half of FDA's funding. Who do you think they work for: you or the chemical factories? How bad can it
get? How about a product that embalms living tissue and destroys DNA? http://www.mpwhi.com/formaldehyde_from_aspartame.pdf I flew to Barcelona to speak to the researcher who told me it could kill 200 million people. It already has. Another study FDA has ignored.

Congress should immediately step in and investigate and Codex should ban aspartame from use.

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder
Mission Possible International
9270 River Club Parkway Duluth, Georgia 30097 770
www.mpwhi.com, www.dorway.com and www.wnho.net
Aspartame Toxicity Center,
Aspartame Information List, www.mpwhi.com

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