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Crackdown On Wikileaks and Julian Assange Protested by Journalists

Alex Constantine - November 5, 2010

Neon Tommy | November 5, 2010

Julian Assange 20091117 Copenhagen 1 300x200 - Crackdown On Wikileaks and Julian Assange Protested by JournalistsMore than 100 journalists from around the world have pledged their support to Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange.

The statement made by members of the Global Investigative Journalism Network criticizes the push to arrest Assange on episonage charges for releasing detailed logs about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The statement says that the information "should never have been withheld from the public" and praises Wikileaks as an "extraordinary resource" for journalists.

"Overall, Wikileaks' factual reporting of numerous undisputed abuses and crimes is of far greater significance than the widely criticized mistakes over inadequate redactin," the statement says.

Journalists wishing to add their names to the protest may email WikileaksStatement@gmail.com.


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