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Court German Intelligence May Hide Eichmann Info

Alex Constantine - June 28, 2013

The Guardian: " ... The German intelligence service said in an emailed reaction to the ruling that most of the files it held on Eichmann were already public and only a small portion still needed to be blacked out. It said the need to do so stemmed from laws on 'protecting state security interests' and on data protection. ... "

A court in Germany rejected a petition by the newspaper Bild to publish secret details about Adolf Eichmann, who was executed by Israel for his Holocaust activities.

" ... Under the ruling, German intelligence services may continue to hide information about Eichmann, contrary to a decision last year that ordered the disclosure of a number of details. Bild contends that the information will document its claim, at least two years old, that the German government knew Eichmann's whereabouts as early as 1952 but kept the information a secret. ... "


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