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Endorsement Vote NO for President

clipped from: www.ldnews.com After reading the litany of letters in the past weeks endorsing this candidate or that I am outraged and embarrassed at eith

Convictions Reinstated in Mob Case

By BENJAMIN WEISERNYTSeptember 18, 2008The racketeering convictions of two retired New York City detectives who helped to kill at least eight men in their

Video Clark Rockefeller Interview

'I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to remember. I don't lose much thought over it.' In a jailhouse talk, an alleged kidnapper with multiple aliases spea

Hoover and the FBI

" ...President Harry S. Truman wrote a memo on J. Edgar Hoover back in 1945. It stated that the FBI was moving in the direction of a Gestapo or Secret Poli

A Nation of Good Little Nazis

" ... There are no innocent bystanders in the US. We are all complicit - every one of us. ... "ALSO SEE: "Bush Fulfills His Grandfather's Dream"One little,