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An Obama Swift Boat for Alex Constantine??

Alex Constantine - May 3, 2008

In the past few days, a discussion forum on the Net has tried repeatedly to link me with people that I don't know very well, and has attributed to me their theories. It was reported, for instance, that I "work with Webfairy."

No offense to Webfairy, but we have NEVER worked together at all, ever.

I am deeply offended by continuing attempts to connect me to others I've never met, or even had a connection to, and blame me for the behavior of others.

Caveat: Please be wary of any site that attempts to bring me down by claiming that I have a relationship with another researcher whose work is in dispute. I make it a point to work alone, and am not responsible for the controversies others have generated with their own postings. I am responsible for the articles that I write and post, and am not responsible for the work of others I do not know or have any relationship with in any way, obviously.

- AC

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