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UAPs are Real, “Aliens” are a Psyop Snow Job Why the Media are Increasingly Abuzz with “ET” Blather

Alex Constantine - November 29, 2023

RELATED: "UFOs, the Pentagon, and the enigma of Bob Lazar" (UFOlogists have long considered Lazar to be the most credible source on "alien" contact. In the real world, he is the George Santos of close encounters, He fabricated his academic background, and has pled guilty to sexual pandering: pimping. He claimed to work for a branch of the Navy that doesn't exist. Lazar's pontifications on element 115 (Muscovium) hold no merit. The element has none of the properties he has attributed to them. Supposedly, the element is used in "alien" spacecraft to harness gravity. He has stated that it was the heart of the propulsion system of a saucer that he has "reverse-engineered," But 115 is not in the least "anti-gravitational," according to physicists. This is one of his many stretchers. George Santos would be envious. Lazar still holds believers in thrall.  "A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest" - Simon & Garfunkel. Nowhere is this more true than in the fanboy academy of UFO studies.)

By Alex Constantine

In a nutshell: The Pentagon's highly-publicized 2018 UAP data dump was a smokescreen for the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP), and even more furtive classified agencies.

Since the documents were released, the airwaves and digital media have been swamped with speculative talk of "alien" activity. Yes, televised clips of UAP's soaring though the sky are obviously real, but all the speculation about "aliens" is calculated to misdirect and deceive. I am growing increasingly aggravated by the escalating childish "ET" fantasies emanating from every media outlet.

Why this is happening: advanced aerial technology has nowhere to go but up, into the atmosphere. It can't be hidden, so the "alien" cover story is promoted, allowing the DoD to test and refine the systems in plain sight.

This has been the strategy since the CIA's Robertson Committee conceived the apocryphal extra-terrestrial myth in the 1950s.

Anyone who doubts it is asked to kindly view this Black Vault video on AWSAP (URL below*). 

A Foo-Fighter, not a spaceship from Alderaan. 

Documentation is produced in the video, and it begins withformer CIA science & technology officer Kit Green's bogus 15-page report on UFOs, a cuckoo egg in the nest. The press corps fixates on Green's psyop snow job, but under scrutiny it rapidly melts away to reveal AWSAP as the beating heart of the "inexplicable" aerial phenomenon. (Mr. Green is an "Aviary" propaganda peddler. The Aviary front also includes the DoD's John Alexander, owner of Skinwalker Ranch, and aerospace maven Robert Bigelow.)

Frustratingly enough, the most important documents remain classified. The trove released for public consumption (and confusion) contains references to them, but we've only been given a glimpse at the classified programs. But a door has been opened. It leads away from adolescent fantasies, psychically driven by the History Channel, ate-night talk radio and vapid digital news platforms, to the future -- if we survive advancing ethnocentric autocracies and global warming to experience it. The DoD's Black Vault is decades ahead of the most advanced technology we are aware of. AI as we know it is is primitive. Advanced AI systems already exist. So do UAPs. Everyone has seen them. They do not come from outer space.

There is mention of "threat assessment" in public documents, but nowhere is a single threat ever assessed or even mentioned. This is consistent enough -- not one of the UFOs ever sighted has made an aggressive move on the military. There is no threat to assess, bit claiming otherwise draws Congressional funding.

One of memo from May, 2009 shown in the video gives the game away. The purpose of a proposed government contract "is to identify key technologies and physics concepts that would support revolutionary aerospace research and development" at Sandia Laboratories. A potential "threat" justifies this contract, but, as I say, that is how the Pentagon sells tax-supported funding proposals. The purpose of the contract is stated flatly -- R&D, not defense. Most of the documents released concern fiscal year program expenditures. There is very little of substance in them. But ...

The truth is "out there." All it takes a bit of patience, common sense, informed sourcing, maturity and grounded thinking to perceive it.

* https://www.theblackvault.com/documentarchive/the-advanced-aerospace-weapon-system-applications-program-aawsap-documentation/?fbclid=IwAR0h5-RTT04tbWlk1_vJ_L30cBGpP5zwmcaCwFTVXV59xa14r9Pf8a-eoTY

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