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Video Olympia, Wash's John Burnell Beaten up by Sheriff's Deputy

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  1. This nightmare has never ended, county changed the date of a tax sale under a new case number and NEVER NOTIFIED ME all other biders were shaken off but for one tweaker bitch (with an “ex junkie” boyfriend) county then forced me off the land with armed thugs, NO COURT ORDER then giving her police protection to enter my motor home and loot all my musical instruments tools etc. Statute will run out

  2. Soon. 3606604615 johnburnelloo9@gmail.com four parcels in the growth area first zoned for 12 homes an acre then four homes MINIMUM per acre, then in response to me making and application under the 4 homes per acre rule, then downzoned IN THE GROWTH AREA to one home per acre. Under that zone i am still not allowed a permit or any use whatsoever. HELP PLEASE STATUTE RUNS SOON ITS 10/29/20

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