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Tupac Shakur Talks Black Panthers, Political Harassment and Predicts His Own Death in Unreleased Interview From ’94

Alex Constantine - December 26, 2013

The legendary rapper Tupac was far ahead of his time. Today Tupac re-emerges in an unreleased audio interview that he did back in 1994 somewhere in Hollywood. Tupac sits down and speaks in-depth to writer Benjamin Svetkey, going in and speaking about his mother, the black panthers, and how he didn’t claim to be a militant.

The interesting and somewhat haunting interview finds Pac answering Mr. Svetkey’s question of where he saw himself in the next 10 to 15 years, he stated “Best case: in a cemetery. Not in a cemetery. Sprinkled in ashes, smoked up by my homies. Worst case… I mean that’s the worst case. That’s the worst case. That’s the worst case. Best case: multimillionaire. Owning all of this shit.”


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