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Thomas Mustric, Carlyle Group, 9/11 Inside Trades

May 13, 2006 0

By Alex Constantine

There is much, much more to Thomas Mustric - the substitute teacher sacked for voicing his opinion last week that 9/11 was an inside job - than he or the press have let on.

Mustric himself is a swinging door into hidden corners of 9/11. The scandal was quickly picked up by 9/11 researchers:

9/11 Blogger - Blogging 9/11 Related Alternative News ... A substitute teacher by the name of Tom Mustric was put on administrative leave for voicing his opinion ...

indymedia beirut:

High School Teacher 'Muzzled' And Suspended

Thomas Mustric, a substitute teacher in the Columbus, Ohio, ... SCHOLARS FOR 9/11 TRUTH - American and other scientists, diplomats, researchers etc. ...

Who is the teacher at the center of the controversy?

Tom Mustric, who bills himself as a "political anthropologist," is the founder of the Middle East Peace Foundation (MEPF) in Columbus, Ohio (not the same MEPF based in Washington, DC).

Mustric's MEPF:

ORGANIZATION NAME Middle East Peace Foundation


YEAR 2002


FORM 990


EIN 91-1912317


Tom Mustric is a familiar face at the UN. (For example, see



He was in Geneva for the Bethlehem 2000 International Conference, organized under the auspices of the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People.. (The foundation's IRS form lists its total assets as $0, so he presumably paid for his own transportation and lodging). A tourist met Mustric there, and notes that he "was in town to present a Middle East peace proposal to some contacts at the UN." Mustric is described here as "at least partly Jewish, and he bills himself a 'Political Anthropologist for Peace.'"


The MEPF was listed among participants as the UN International Conference of Civil Society in Support of the Palestinian People, in September 2002.

(see 56f9b005300bd/7a06349c1c354ff685256c8e007917c7OpenDocument).

More on Mustric's MEPF:

MIDDLE EAST PEACE FOUNDATION 980710 Corporation For Non-Profit Jun 04 1997 Active Mar 01 2007 Columbus Franklin Ohio ... Contact Status Thomas Owen Mustric 134 E Lincoln St Columbus Ohio 43215 04-JUN-97 Active.


In a hearing before the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio case (COLUMBIA GAS OF OHIO, INC. CASE:

01-2472-GA-CSS) filed in Columbus, Ohio, Mustric was accused of attempting to extort money from the utility. He was described in the course of this hearing as "poor." This explains why is working as a substitute teacher. How he manages his globe-trotting to meet with the aforementioned UN contacts and attend international peace conferences is a mystery. He was engaged at this time to one Marcellina Tanuhandaru from Indonesia. A letter written by her, posted on the Net (, reveals that she is from Jakarta. Her name is now Marcellina Mustric.






MEPF Mission Statement

The Middle East Peace Foundation's mission further consults to advance our successful earlier informal agreements among regional nations' notables toward their cooperation to support a needed end-game framework for the Middle East peace advance, known as the proposed "United Federation for Palestine." ..--

The appearance of this outspoken substitute teacher/UN globe trotter is a VERY important development.

There is a connection to the Carlyle Group. The substance here represents all that I have established so far.

He has attended a host of UN meetings and such relating to Palestine, yet his organization claims it has zero funding.

Substitute teacher? His name cropped up in a list of recipients of Kryder family wealth - if you do a search, you will find that this is the same fortune and corporate structure that gave birth to the Carlylye Group. The history is here, and this web page tracks it all to the present day:


"Clarence Frank and Minnie V. Disler Kryder, built a midwestern farming, realty, and insurance empire during the Great Depression and World War II which disappeared in Fort Wayne Indiana financial institutions. The Kryders were lifelong neighbors of the founders of Central Soya whose interests were mingled by lawyers with Roy Disney's, utilizing a commercial alliance disguised as a multi-bank holding company, in a sort of mutual fund called SHAMROCK.

"By an odd Deed, the Law Firm of Barrett and McNagny occupies "The Standard Building," former site of the Lincoln National Life Insurance Company and the Kryder realty, construction, and insurance offices, 215 E. Berry Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana. "Barrett Law" is a Department within in the City of Fort Wayne Finance Department. Barrett lawyers specialize in estate and elder law.

"B. Edward Ewing, with the help of additional politically connected Fort Wayne lawyers and a shirt-tail cousin of Frank H. Kryder's , rose from 1965 Jasper, Indiana poor boy at International Truck and Engine to CARLYLE MANAGEMENT GROUP CEO. He has recently been engaged tying up loose ends around Lakeland, FL. while laying off thousands of workers all around the country. His goal is to become Jasper's first billionaire."


Thomas Mustric is listed here, in an exhaustive investigation into the disappearance of the Kryder wealth and evolution of the Carlyle Group:



8/30/2001 Swiss Re acquisition of Lincoln Re announced, restated on Sep 7.

9/10/2001 LNC sold Lincoln Reinsurance to Swiss Re (aka North American Re) the day before the WTC attack; FTC Transaction Number: 20012356 Early Termination Date: 09/10/2001 Acquiring Person: Swiss Reinsurance Company Acquired Person: Lincoln National Corporation Acquired Entity: The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company (The purchase contract provided that the claim costs from the 11 September 2001 events remain with the seller).

9/11/2001 Carlyle Group holding annual meeting in Washington, DC at time of WTC attack.

THE B#INGTON NORTHERN AND SANTA FE RAILWAY COMPANY: 2500 LOU MENK DR 2500 LOU MENK DR. PO BOX 961101, FORT WORTH, TX 76161 : Control Number: 1988050962 Creation Date: 5/20/1988 Inactive Date: 9/20/2001 Original Creation Date: 1/31/1961 Original Creation State: DE Other Names for this Entity: 2/24/1997 B#INGTON NORTHERN RAILROAD COMPANY (Former)

11/07/2001 U.S. Treasury blocked the global money funneling network of al-Barakaat

11/15/2001 Reuter's (WTC) Release-Swiss Re, which has already paid its share of an initial $75 million payment to the insurance holders, said that if the full value of the $3.5 billion policy were paid out now, $1.5 billion would go to the Port Authority, $663 to General Motors Acceptance Corp. (GMAC) and UBS Warburg: which lent Silverstein money to take on the lease, and a maximum if $1.3 billion to Silverstein, and Westfield Holdings Ltd. his partners in the lease."

11/26/2001 Pres. G.W. Bush: "Afghanistan is still just the beginning."

FTC Transaction Number: 20020109 Early Termination Date: 11/26/2001 Acquiring Person: Mr. Peter R.

Kellogg Acquired Person: Navistar International Corporation Acquired Entity: Harco National Insurance Company.

12/02/2001 Enron bankrupt.

HOLDING KEYSTONE, LLC Control Number: 2001120700590 Creation Date: 12/6/2001 Entity Inactive Date:

12/10/2001 Swiss Re acquisition completed

There is more. I'm just beginning to open this mess.

Thomas Mustric September 21, 2020
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The false news from this Texas radio 16B personality that seeks to promote his ConstantineReport is self serving to claim any association of his “Network” and the “National Security State” or the “Carlyle Group” is his own projection of disinformation..

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