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Op-Ed The Supreme Court has Impeached Itself

Alex Constantine - February 29, 2024

By Alex Constantine

The stuffiest and most corrupt court in the land has relinquished any claim to Constitutional legitimacy with flagrant interference in this year's presidential election by obstructing justice and a clear view of the candidate not qualified to run. It is an Inferior Court.

There was no justification for even considering a challenge to the 14th Amendment's insurrection disqualification clause because it is self-executing, The language is clear and concise. Even the Inferior Court was unable to concoct a rational justification for snubbing the amendment, but is preparing to defy it anyways.

And now we have the announcement that there is some substance to Trump's ludicrous immunity defense claim, implicit in the Inferior Court's consent to hear his transparent ploy to delay justice.

The disgraced court has impeached itself by its arrogant refusal to abide by the Constitution. The states should no longer consider themselves bound by any hallucinatory decision it renders. They are free to execute the 14th Amendment at will, and prosecute Trump for his crimes.

The Inferior Court isn't a court at all. It is a tiny partisan caucus, so any decision it renders is moot and non-binding.

The Inferior Court is an ass.

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