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The OJ Simpson Case Revisited Denise Brown and Her Mob Executioner “Boyfriend” — In Her Own Words

Alex Constantine - April 25, 2024

By Alex Constantine
In testimony given before the jury -- but with the television cameras and microphones turned off by order of Judge Ito -- Tony "The Animal" Fiato, a Mafia hitman turned FBI informant, was called by the defense to testify about comments made to him, and overheard by his brother, by LAPD detective Philip Vanatter that contradicted the latter's statements under cross-examination.
San Francisco Chronicle, September 20, 1995: "Earlier Tuesday, [defense attorney Robert] Shapiro made a point of saying that Denise Brown, sister of victim Nicole Brown Simpson, had an affair with Craig [also known as ony] Fiato. Brown's mother, who was seated in the courtroom, angrily denied the affair, and the Brown family's attorney demanded an apology."
But six months before, Denise was completely open about her affair with a Mafia killer. She referred to him as her "boyfriend" in a conversation with NBC interviewer Paula Zahn. The intimate pair were seen leaving a Boston hotel together.
Denise Brown linked to ex Mafia enforcer
UPI Archives, MARCH 3, 1995
BOSTON, March 3 -- Nicole Brown Simpson's sister, Denise Brown, met socially with a former Mafia enforcer turned FBI witness during her Boston visit this week, the Boston Herald reported Friday.
Brown was greeted by Anthony 'Tony the Animal' Fiato when she arrived in Boston Wednesday to promote a domestic violence foundation.
On Thursday, Brown and Fiato were seen leaving a Boston hotel together.
Brown, 37, came to Boston this week for a national television interview to promote the domestic violence foundation she started after her sister was murdered in Los Angeles. Brown reportedly agreed to be interviewed by 'CBS This Morning' host Paula Zahn, but only if the interviews were done in Boston so she could visit with a 'boyfriend.' Fiato, 50, a Boston native, was described as a former enforcer for the Mafia in Los Angeles. ...
Fiato and Brown reportedly met at the Los Angeles District Attorney's office, where Brown was being briefed on her sister's case. Fiato reportedly was in Los Angeles at the time to testify in a trial on the murder of actor Frank Christi. Fiato's tapes and testimony sent reputed former Los Angeles crime bosses Carmen and Peter Milano and four dozen others to prison during the 1990s.
The newspaper quoted a source as saying Brown and Fiato are 'at least very good friends, and they stay in contact with each other constantly.' ...

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