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Tea Party Patriot Charged With Receiving And Distributing Child Pornography

Alex Constantine - December 19, 2013

DECEMBER 17, 2013

After President Barack Obama posed for a selfie at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service, Tea Party patriot Brian Schwanke raced to his Facebook page to post a story about how Michelle Obama was purportedly infuriated by her husband’s impromptu shoulder-to-shoulder snapshot with Denmark’s fetching Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

“What a classy president we have. His wife has to sit between him to make "lil Barry "behave,” wrote Schwanke, whose Facebook page reports that the United States “WAS founded on a CHRISTIAN foundation, and the progressive, atheist left is running us into the ground to create a Socialist country that will fall like all the others.”

But Obama’s self-portrait and the left’s treachery are the least of Schwanke’s troubles these days.

The 46-year-old Michigan resident was named today in a federal criminal complaint charging him with distributing and receiving child pornography. Schwanke, pictured above, allegedly used the e-mail account hornypastor@outlook.com to trade hundreds of revolting photos and videos.

When federal agents raided Schwanke’s home in mid-August, he reportedly admitted to “sending, receiving, and viewing child pornography” and said he began looking at illicit images about ten years ago. A subsequent examination of Schwanke’s “hornypastor” account revealed that “almost every email containing child pornography included conversation about child pornography and/or the sexual abuse of children.”

In an e-mail conversation with an undercover cop, Schwanke claimed to have been a pastor for nearly 20 years, adding that he worked with a teen group and “with my pool at my house I find lots of chances to ‘counsel’ the girls.”

However, Schwanke’s various online accounts do not identify him as a pastor. A LinkedIn page lists him as most recently being employed as an emergency medical services worker. Schwanke is an avid Civil War reenacter and “feminazi” critic who reports that, “I also give talks to school groups about the American Civil War.”

According to a “religious views” description on his Facebook page, the divorced Schwanke believes that, “All men have sinned and only by forgiveness through the Blood of Christ can we avoid the punishment of Hell.”

In reply to a TSG message sent to his Facebook page, Schwanke wrote, “I have not been advised of any Federal Charges against me, I would not be able to respond at this time.” He added, “If you have knowledge I am not privy to, I would be interested in hearing them.”


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