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Tape Excerpts of Ivins Restraining Order Request

Alex Constantine - August 6, 2008

By The Associated Press

(Describing a July 12 call)

Duley: That one was rather scary. He very calmly thanked me for ruining his life and opening, allowing the FBI now to be able to prosecute him for the murders and that it was all my fault, and it's going to be my fault that they could now get him.

(Describing early morning voice messages from Ivins)

Duley: The first voice message was sort of a ranting, blaming me for having this done to him. It was sort of just rambling.

Same with three minutes later, saying that obviously we no longer have a therapeutic relationship, and how could I do this to him.
Duley: As far back as the year 2000, the respondent has actually attempted to murder several other people, either through poisoning — he is a revenge killer when he feels that he's been slighted or has had, especially towards women, he plots and actually tries to carry out revenge killing. He has been forensically diagnosed by several top psychiatrists as a sociopathic, homicidal killer.

Duley: I'm scared to death.

Friends of Anthrax Suspect Say Investigation Was Intense
Washington, D.C. - August 6, 2008

" ... Ivins reportedly told a co-worker that the FBI offered his son two million dollars and a sports car if he turned over evidence in the case. They also reportedly showed pictures of the victims to Ivins' daughter hoping she would rat her father out. The scientist also claimed agents stalked him and his family for months. ... "

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