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Murdoch, Scaife and CIA Propaganda

December 31, 2014 Special Report: The rapid expansion of America’s right-wing media began in the 1980s as the Reagan administration coordinated foreig

What Did Alan Gross Do in Cuba?

The Strange Case of Alan Gross (Excerpt) By Philip Giraldi Washington Report of Middle Eastern Affairs, May/June 2011 Alan Gross ... was paid half a mill

US Trojan Horses in Venezuela

Nil Nikandrov - http://www.strategic-culture.org tiwy.com, February 19, 2012 Several days ago, representatives of 55 Venezuelan NGOs called the internation

Iran-Contra and the Religious Right

Oliver North worshipped in a charismatic Episcopal Church in Virginia called Church of the Apostles. It turn out to be one of those Shepherding churches, a

True Lies and Foreign Wars

" ... Georgia's leader, says Reagan-era official Paul Craig Roberts, is a "U.S. puppet." He studied in the U.S. on State Department fellowships, worked at