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Scores of Homicides Related to Simpson Murders

Alex Constantine - July 17, 2007

By Alex Constantine
01 1 - Scores of Homicides Related to Simpson MurdersThe Dragonfly nightclub in Los Angeles. It was owned at one time by Brett Cantor, a close friend of Nicole Brown-Simpson. Cantor died a year before her - in exactly the same manner ...

This is the essential point the media universally ignore - there were a score of murders around Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, and Simpson himself. Brett Cantor was one of them.

Simpson wasn't responsible for murdering his ex-wife, though I will concede the proposition that he MAY have been an accessory - but then, so is the Mockingbird press.

I wrote about the decapitation of Cantor 12 years ago - and no one wanted to hear it. It got in the way of a simple verdict. Simpson had to be guilty, so all contradictory evidence was ignored or explained away. It's "black and white." Most Caucasian talk-show hosts agree.

"MAYBE there was EDTA [blood preservative] in the laundry detergent," Marcia Clark informed Judge Ito in conference, referring to Simpson's socks ... it had to be explained ... is this bit of idle speculation so? ...

The LAPD lab FINALLY had "copious amounts of blood" on the socks AFTER TWO careful inspections found "no blood" at all, not a dribble ... and ETDA, too ...

"Maybe?" May be. May be. Or may not be.

Or maybe Simpson had EDTA in his blood when it was circulating through his veins. It wasn't in the laundry detergent.

And how to explain the EDTA in the samples collected at the back gate and on the sidewalk - or did someone plant evidence?

Every item of evidence was fabricated, planted or otherwise contaminated. Who would do a thing like that? White LAPD officers? No, insists the conventional wisdom. Honorable men.

This is the perception of most Caucasians, of course ... blacks knew that Simpson didn't do it, according to the statisticians.

Brett Cantor is one reason why Simpson is innocent.

But no one seems to care much about his murder. It's not high-profile, very unsexy - and it gets in the way of the clean black-and-white verdict. Simpson must be guilty because Larry Elder on the radio said so, and Fox News, and all the far-right pundits. Ignore Cantor.

And Simpson once had an argument with Nicole - merely the cocaine she was snorting in front of his children - with her boyfriends. What an unreasonable bastard. He yelled. It was on tape - but the knowing talk-show hosts censored the cocaine, stopped the recording before the word was uttered. They wanted him screaming at Nicole for no particular reason. That made him look REAL guilty. So the tape was redacted.

Radio talk-show hosts across the country declared Simpson guilty within 24 hours of his arrest. The judicial system is superfluous. Talk show hosts have made trial-by-jury unnecessary because they know best. That's why they're on the radio, telling us what to think.

It's so difficult to say that Simpson did it if Brett's corpse directs us elsewhere.

Cantor lost his head. The murder weapon - a knife - was identical to the one used in the Simpson case.

The wounds were identical to Nicole's (she was also nearly decapitated).

Presumably, Simpson gets around. Driven by jealousy, he murdered his ex, her boyfriend, Brett Cantor and a few Mezzulina waiters, even tried to blow one up with a bomb planted in the waiter's car. Simpson is everywhere, killing his bud Butch Sucharski, killing his wife and her beau and a few waiters at the Mezzaluna - for good measure, and to work off that jealous rage.

cop simpson - Scores of Homicides Related to Simpson MurdersLet's all ignore Cantor and a dozen other corpses and pretend that the gloves fit, cite that "mountain" of blood evidence - despite the presence of chemical PRESERVATIVE in the blood samples BEFORE they were collected - because ... because that's how we prefer to look at the world - as the media tell us to see it.

We are good little nazis with proper programming.

Get some sun and show off that tan this evening. Sip some corn syrup sweetened with aspartame while downing that steak. Tattoo your tummy. Watch a little O'Reilly. Catch a movie with fart jokes, go out for drinks, discuss the immigration problem over scotch and water. Then go home, listen to a little belly-button pop music and fume over OJ Simpson. He "got away with it." Be consistent. Be a perfect American idiot.

- AC


Goldman Has More Friends Murdered Than Linking Simpson post #19 quote:

<<< The body of Nicole brown practically had the head chopped off, indicating the murderer had a lot of anger toward her. >>>

So was Ron Goldman's friend's head chopped off a year before Nicole's in June 12, 1994. Just follow the timeline for Ron's business associates being murdered in Brentwood area. Simpson doesn't know Goldman's circle of friends. Nicole does, after she became divorced and went out every week clubbing with her wild girlfriends into the wee-hours.

Rarely will anyone read about how Brett Cantor was murdered July 30, 1993 on the Westside. You won't find it reported in the media or talk show analysts. The LAPD cops have the murders recorded in their murder files for Goldman's friend but this wasn't permitted to be introduced into the Simpson trial - why? Could it be the corrupt LAPD covering it up for some reasons?

The autopsy report is identical to Nicole and these murder took place in the midnight also. Cantor's throat was slashed, his head all but decapitated, and he aslo suffered multiple stab wounds throughout his torso. Although the LAPD case officer in charge, Det. Rick Jackson and Rich Aldahl of the elite Robbery/Homicide Division (Vannatter and Lange's unit), both say they vigorously investigated the case, there has never been a prime suspect, and the case remains open.

No murder weapon has been found. Separately, Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson frequented the Dragonfly in the spring and early summer of 1993. Employees of the club remember seeing Ron and Brett Cantor together. And they remember Nicole coming to the Dragonfly with her coterie of party-time girlfriends. ( A Problem of Evidence - Morrow Publication, 1996 - pages 91 - 93)

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  1. Then there was Dick Gregory running around saying that white skin had been found under Nicole Brown-Simpsons fingernails; reportedly that ended up with four criminalists being murdered for that. I don’t know. I wasnt there. Whats really crazy is OJ being busted for recovering his stolen memorabilia.

  2. Thank you Alex for all you do. OJ is still in prison and evading more attempts on his life. But the people I am most concerned about are Mumia Abu-Jamal and the 12,000 other prisoners in the Pennsylvania injustice system that have hep C that is so far untreated. Mumia is closer and closer to death every day. http://www.iacenter.org. I did find him a connection for cheap hep C drugs out of india but who knows if the nazis will let him have it. I am watching this one closely as is the rest of the developed world.

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