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Response to Stephen Calkins

Alex Constantine - June 5, 2008

Hi Alex,

First time contacting you. Thanks for your work.

Quick question: I read your article concerning Daniel Hopsicker:
Mohammed Atta a "Kingpin?": Daniel Hopsicker's Past at NBC - 9/11 &
Fake News May 30, 08

and its implication that Daniel was doing some kind of 'disinformation', (due to his past work with NBC and MediaLink.)
Now, while this is in itself an indication of potential conflict of interest, no where in your article do you give any specific information about how Hopsicker's writings (concerning the Venice Flight School and the surrounding information concerning 911 that he covers in his book, "Terrorland..."), are in any way inaccurate. ...

- Stephen Calkins

Stephen: If you compare Daniel's Terrorland with my own The Path to 9/11 (the first 14 parts have been posted, with much more to come), you will find that the MadCow has been playing a game with your perceptions.

Speaking of disinformation:

Ancient Structure On The Moon Filmed By Armstrong Message List
Message #15983 of 16002
Ancient Structure On The Moon Filmed By Armstrong
Posted by: "Stephen Calkins" ecstacy2@earthlink.net emeraldchild14

Please try to get a clue, Stephen - you wouldn't recognize "disinformation" if it spat in your face - and that's exactly what your "heroes" are doing.

You are a "fan" of accessories to mass murder, torture, abduction, etc. Why are you pestering me with the afflatus of your childish dreams?

- AC

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  1. Hi Alex,
    I have read your 14 part series on: “The Path to 911”, which appears to be quite good.
    However, within your 911 series, there is no mention of ‘Daniel Hopsicker’, (nor anything that apparently shows Hopsicker as being a disinformant, (per my earlier question). I say this, as the topics Hopsicker writes about, (in his book: ‘Terrorland’, and other things I have read on Hopsicker’s website: madcowprod.com), appear to cover different material than yours, so comparing them to one another provides no ‘proof of Hopsicker’s being ‘disinformation’.
    You follow this by an apparent attempt to discredit me, (through posting a link to a post of mine, where I comment on a friend’s conversation with Astronaut Neil Armstrong at their work place, in which it is alleged that Armstrong had told him that there were: ‘domed structures on the Moon which he saw during his Apollo 11 mission.’
    You follow this link (of my post concerning Armstrong, which has nothing to do with 911 by the way), with the statement that: I am a ‘fan of mass murder, torture, etc.’, and that I am ‘pestering’ you with the ‘afflatus’ of my ‘childhood dreams’. (Supposedly just ‘fantasies’, is the implication.)
    Why you chose to stoop to this level of behavior (ad hominem), I can only guess, but I hope it has nothing with the honest of your 911 reporting.
    For the sake of retort: ‘
    Individuals such as former NASA worker (and researcher) Richard Hoagland have provided us with a large number of NASA photos showing these lunar structures, with specific NASA document sources given. I have seen his slide show on these structures, and it is excellent. So whether or not you want to believe Neil Armstrong, we also have the NASA photos.
    While your research on 911 is of interest, how can I consider using you as a source when you fail to provide specific proof of allegations made about another 911 researcher’s (‘911’ research work), other than to show that he once worked at a source that does media propaganda. Don’t they all?
    I will ask you again to provide ‘substantive proof’ of Hopsicker’s (‘911’) research being ‘disinformation’. If you can not show how his (‘911’) research is ‘disinformation’, I will be forced to pass over sharing your work with other researchers, as I will not have been able to establish your credibility on this very important topic of, (apparently without substantiation), discrediting other 911 researchers. Sincerely, Steve Calkins

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