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Papers Alleging Racketeering by L.A. Superior Court Judges and Countrywide Are Denied Docketing in U.S. Court

Alex Constantine - June 29, 2009

Docketing in U.S. Court
June 05, 2009

Contact Information Joseph Zernik, DMD, PhD, Director

Free the Rampart-FIPs
310 435 9107

In Zernik v Melson et al (1:2009cv00805), filed May 1, 2009, Plaintiff claims that USDOJ and FBI allow severe abuse of civil rights of the 10 million residents of LA County, California, for years. The complaint alleges widespread corruption of the courts in LA County, California, going back at least as far as 1980’s and the Iran-Contra scandal. Relief is sought in orders "to compel U.S. officers to perform their duties".

IN THE CRIMINAL COURTS IN LA: The Rampart-corruption investigation, a 2-year (1998-2000), 200-investigator probe, ended, but no report was ever written... The victims, the Rampart-FIPs (falsely imprisoned persons), estimated in PBS broadcast from 2001 at 8,000 to 30,000, are still locked up 10 years later. Hardly any of the perpetrators (70-80 police officers per media reports) were prosecuted.

IN THE CIVIL COURTS IN LA: Att Richard I Fine, former U.S. prosecutor, is indefinitely jailed in LA on contempt after leading the efforts to expose that ALL judges in LA Superior Court received and never disclosed for years payments, which were ruled in October 2008 "Not Permitted" and would be called by a lay person "bribes".

IN THE CIVIL COURTS IN LA: Racketeering by judges is alleged in real estate litigations, in collusion with Los Angeles-based Countrywide Financial Corporation (CFC), now a subsidiary of Bank Of America Corporation (BAC). The complaint also alleges that corruption and large-scale fraud against the U.S. government at CFC were evidenced already in a complaint filed with FBI in January 2007, which FBI and USDOJ have refused to investigate ever since.

IN THE CIVIL COURTS IN LA: Fraud in the court’s case management system Sustain is alleged.

IN U.S. COURT, DC: Request for disqualification for a cause of Judge Richard J Leon, based on his service as Minority Counsel in Iran Contra scandal, was stamped "Filed" May 13, 2009. Subsequent papers, including evidence of alleged criminal conduct by LA Superior Court judges, by senior officers of CFC, and by others, were not docketed at all. Instead, papers were forwarded to chambers of Judge Leon.


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