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NY Governor Responds to Concerns of Health Workers Over Swine Flu Vaccine

Alex Constantine - October 1, 2009

Eileen Buckley (2009-10-01)

BUFFALO, NY (WBFO) - State health care workers are outraged over a regulation requiring them to get a swine flu shot or risk losing their jobs. While in Buffalo Wednesday, Governor David Paterson said he would be willing to meet with those workers to discuss the matter.
Some health care workers across the state say the new swine flu vaccine has not been fully tested. They staged a protest in Albany earlier this week. The health care workers believe the new rule requiring the shots would make them guinea pigs.

Paterson says he is not totally informed on the health care workers position. But he believes the workers concerned the regulation would take away their freedoms are worried over potential side effects. He's willing to open talks with them.

Paterson says he doesn't have enough information on the new vaccine's side effects and would like to learn more.

Under the state regulation, health care workers must receive the swine flu shot by November 30 or they will be fired. © Copyright 2009, WBFO


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