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Kurt Blome – Operation Paperclip’s Fair-Haired Bio-Chemical Warfare Nazi

Alex Constantine - August 18, 2009

Excerpt: "Opération Paperclip : Les nazis au-dessus de la loi"


The Case of Kurt Blome

07326 - Kurt Blome – Operation Paperclip’s Fair-Haired Bio-Chemical Warfare NaziDirector of the medical school d' Alt-Rehse and a high-level Nazi, Blome entered the Council of Research in Oncology of the Reich in 1941, where he worked until May 1945, when he was arrested by the Allies. In fact, Blome is not credited for his cancer studies, but rather for research much more macabre. This was implied, at least, a a letter sent by Anglo-American experts to the Alsos Operation team. In the document, one can read: “In 1943, the search for Bloom concentrated on bacteriological warfare, although officially it was affected with research on cancer, which was in fact only one camouflage. In addition, Blome served the Reich as deputy minister of Health.”

Throughout the war, the Nazi doctors carried out a variety of experiments undertaken at the Dachau concentration camp. Those, aiming at testing the resistance of the human body to extreme situations, amongst other things consisted of plunging a prisoner in an ice-cold water basin, forcing him to drink a maximum of sea water or imprisoning him in a room with low pressure (as one finds in the upper atmosphere). The results of these tests made it possible for the German army to develop powerful équipement for soldiers on the ground, in the sea or the air. The USA's interest in Kurt Blome owed to the fact, admitted at the time of interrogation, that he tested vaccines against the plague on prisoners of concentration camps. Discharged in 1947, at the time of the Nuremberg lawsuit for “extermination and experiments conducted on human beings.”

Barely two months later, he joined Operation Paperclip, assigned to the US Army Chemical Corps. Blome was put to work on chemical weapons and biological agents of mass destruction.

Nuremberg, probably the first reality show, expended much ink but did not accomplish very much, overall. Americans, Soviets, British, etc were divided, like vultures on a carcass picking their own morsels from the worst nightmare of the twentieth century. Persons in charge had to be found. The executants were punished to give us a clear conscience, while the intelligentsia hidden at the bottom of the carnage continued their work, initially undertaken for the Führer, completed on the other side of the Atlantic to profit new, unsavory sponsors. In 1998, 53 years after the war, the American Congress votes the Nazi War Disclosure Act with the intent of prohibiting the protection of the files of Nazi criminals, by the government. But the majority of articles in this law are in fact exemptions from it. ...


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