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Jay Gould III – If You Hate America So Much, Get the Hell Out!

Alex Constantine - July 3, 2007

"An Enraged Patriot's Response to Chalmers Johnson"
by Jay Gould III
March 2, 2007


I recently read an article (if one can call treasonous propaganda an article) by Chalmers Johnson, a self-hating Leftist with an ill-disguised agenda to wreck our great nation. As I pen this response, my hands are shaking with rage to the extent that I can hardly write. Entitled http://www.harpers.org/RepublicOrEmpire.html on the United States, Johnson's odious piece of sophistry predicts the imminent collapse of the most powerful and benevolent nation in history. Unless of course we conform to his Communistic, pacifist notions of how America should interact with the world. Using the patently liberal scheme of creating a false dichotomy, Mr. Johnson would have us believe that the United States has become an empire and has to "revert" to being a republic in order to survive. Obviously Mr. Johnson is too blinded by his intellectual arrogance, liberal bias, and his privileged existence to see the liberty and democracy manifested by our noble republic. I would feel hatred for him, but my emotions are too devoted to pitying this pathetic half-wit. ...


Note on Jay Gould III:

"What Jay Gould III and his opulent cohorts need to realize is that they are destined to fail in their hubristic and avaricious quest to perpetually subjugate and exploit those whom they perceive to be their “inferiors”. Those of us who draw our inspiration from the Abolitionists, the Women Suffragists, labor organizers, civil rights activists, environmentalists, and anti-war activists are a determined lot. Our “base” is much larger than that of the likes of George Bush—despite the fact that many amongst the poor and working class have been deluded into aligning themselves with their oppressors. Most importantly, our moral right will ultimately vanquish their monetary and military might. ... "


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