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Internet Poster Threatens to Stab Alex Constantine

Alex Constantine - June 14, 2007

For the record, Alex Constantine is ... not ... overweight ... And someone's girlfriend kissed me within the last 24 hours, but I'm not naming names ...
- AC
muela knives023 - Internet Poster Threatens to Stab Alex ConstantineBeing a constantine entails acting like a fat douchebag while trying to fuck everything in sight. Constantines usually try to fuck other guys girlfriends. Constantines are usually quite hideous. If you find a constantine, approach with caution, and then stab it 6 or 7 times.

1. That dick is acting like a fucking constantine, he tried kissing my girl.

2. I swear to god, im going to shank that fucking alex "constantine"
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by madlib? the fort. Jan 11, 2007

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  1. Sorry to see threats made against someone doing so much for others by exposing crimes and corruption.

    There is an infowar smear against Alex from a 9/11 disinfo website. There is a decoy site mirroring one of the best 9/11 truth sites.
    The honest good-guy site which does an excellent job of explaining the disinfo and gatekeepers is 9/11review.com.

    The evil disinfo mirror website ends with .ORG, 9/11review.org.

    Recently the evil -.org site put up a page with “Alex Constantine” on it plus 9/11 disinfo. They even copied some of Alex’s articles on another “index” page. This is a smear tactic that is a win-win for the perps. They smear Alex while trying to rub off some his credibility on their disinformation.

    There’s another website that uses this tactic, falsely claiming association with legit investigators. It’s called TheTruthSeeker.co.uk and it grabs other people’s articles for the front pages while hiding anti-semitic pages just below them.
    Old military saying:
    “The planes closest to the target get the most flak.”

    Hence Alex gets lots of flak.

    Alex Constantine is NOT a 9/11 truth disinfoteer. He’s being smeared by that website.

    In official Pentagon counterpropaganda manuals this is called “imitative deception.” And the Operation Mockingbird media is full of it, literally and figuratively.

    Hollywood is, too.
    And Saturday Night Live actors are used for their guaranteed draw of an important demographic, youth on the verge of recruitability.

    Consider Chevy Chase’s movies used as misdirection away from IranContra.

    Chevy Chase was put in two movies meant to innoculate the young audience against the CIA cocaine smuggling and supplying of weapons to the 1980s Reagan death squads during the IranContra wars.

    ‘Deal of the Century’ was put out in 1983 and Chevy played a funny weapon smuggler. All the Latin Americans in the movie were evil or rediculous. Gregory Hines was used as a role model for the economic draft which was primarily black Americans after the draft ended in 1973.

    Chevy starred as ‘Fletch’ in 1985, two years after the trial of the ‘San Francisco frogmen’ caught coming ashore at Pier 96 with cocaine. $40,000 of seized cash was actually given back by the court to the Contra leaders who claimed it. This info was carried in a Sandinista-friendly paper in Nicaragua.

    ‘Fletch’ was originally a novel in 1974, one year after the tell-all book by Lt. Col. L. Fletcher Prouty called ‘The Secret Team: The CIA and its Allies in Control of the United States and the World.’

    Prouty had been the Pentagon’s liason with CIA from 1955-1964 and saw what others did not since he had ‘topsight’ where others were compartmentalized.

    ‘Fletch’ became an 11 novel series with the publisher demanding that the name remain in the title. Three ‘Fletch’ movies were made and one is in production right now in preparation for the 45th anniversary of the CIA murder of JFK.
    L. Fletcher Prouty provided information that helped prove only the CIA could’ve done it and he advised Oliver Stone on his movie ‘JFK.’

    The creation of benign narratives using keywords from suppressed information is called ‘keyword hijacking,’ a form of decoy meant to obscure or hide something. Search engines are manipulated and even the brain itself has been proven to bias towards first impressions or definitions of a word.

    Keep up the great work, Alex.

    Oh, and movies are decoys, too.

  2. Oops.

    Left out that the plot of the Chevy Chase movie ‘Fletch’ centered around dirty LA cops smuggling un-named drugs on the beach, not the CIA smuggling cocaine onto the piers of San Francisco which really was an IranContra scandal before it became public in 1986.

    Now it makes sense as a decoy, doesn’t it?

    It’s hard to write in a comment box.

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