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Film Critic Criticizes Quentin Tarantino over his remark on 9/11

Alex Constantine - August 31, 2009

By Leonard Clark
August 28, 2009

Quentin TarantinoA theater critic named Johann Hari, who is a columnist for the London Indepent has critized movie director Quentin Tarantino for making this statement about 9/11 not long after it happened: "It didn't affect me because there's, like, a Hong Kong action movie... called Purple Storm and they work in a whole big thing in the plot that they blow up a skyscraper." http://www.huffingtonpost.com/johann-hari/the-terrible-moral-emptin_b_270809.html

Mr. Hari, in response to this statement say: It's a case-study in atrophy of moral senses: to brag you weren't moved by the murder of two and half thousand actual people, because you'd already seen it simulated in a movie. Only somebody who has never seen violence -- who sees the world as made of celluloid -- can respond like this.

This reporter has to ask: Are we now going to the movie because of the plot or are many of us only going to the movie because of the blood and guts that Mr. Tarantino portrays to large effect in his movies?


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