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Jonah Goldberg Supports Birthers

Alex Constantine - August 8, 2009

Birthers of a Nation & The Paranoid Style of American Liberalism

How to marginalize the 9/11 Truth Movement:

Goldberg: " ... it may be foolish for birthers to assume that Obama's refusal to release the full birth certificate is proof that he's foreign born (as opposed to assuming he's simply trying to gin up a controversy or conceal something else entirely) but is it really more crazy than thinking the United States government orchestrated 9/11? ... "

Yes, Jonah - Birthers are raging wingnuts, like you, who have talked themselves into an untenable position, like you with the "liberal Nazi" oxymoron. The 9/11 movement as a whole ignores the wingut loggia in their wings, where your fellow "conservatives" raise a rabid din - signifying nothing. Zolst ligen in drerd! (Jewish Nazi collaborators drive me mad ... )

images1 - Jonah Goldberg Supports BirthersGoldberg needs to muster an army to wage a holy war on liberals. We'll call it G-Force, and like the movie it will have gun-toting para-rodents - led by the pest with the fattest delusions: Jonah the Great White Rat. Seig heil!

- AC

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