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Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against Revlon CEO After Racist, Anti-Semitic Remarks

Alex Constantine - January 3, 2015

CEO allegedly said he 'can smell black people,' 'Jews stick together,' launched tirade against Americans.


A discrimination lawsuit has been filed against Revlon cosmetics CEO Lorenzo Delpani, according to the New York Post, for making bigoted remarks against African-Americans, Jews, and Americans in general.

Delpani, an Italian native who rose to the position in 2013, allegedly made a number of the comments during business meetings according to the plaintiff, former Revlon scientist Alan Meyers.

The CEO, who is also said in the suit to have personally bullied Meyers, said that he was "surprised" that there were not more Jews in the company as the main shareholder, Ron Perelman, is Jewish.

His reasoning was that "Jews stick together." He added that he was thankful that Perelman "isn't like that anymore."

Delpani also made comments against black people, saying that he “could smell a black person when he entered a room" after a meeting in South Africa.

The suit claims that Delpani also hated "dirty" and "small-minded" Americans, and that he couldn't wait to get back to a "real" country, and once launched a tirade in which he compared America to Islamic State (ISIS).

Meyers was specifically targeted by Delpani as well, he claims, and wasfired from the company after four years when he complained about company-wide issues and Delpani's behavior. He is seeking punitive damages for the stress the ordeal has caused him, which include numerous health problems.

Revlon responded that they would "aggressively fight these baselessclaims and this frivolous action," according to the Gazette.