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Cat Killings in Orange County – How CIA Cult Fronts Spread Fear in S. California in the 1980s

Alex Constantine - February 21, 2024

By Alex Constantine

Dr. Louis Jolyon West of UCLA's Neuropsychiatric Institute (NPI) - Charles Manson's mind control mentor, Jack Ruby's psychiatrist and Sirhan Sirhan's court-appointed mental competency shrink - oversaw the cat mutilations project in SoCal, strikingly similar to the cattle mutilations of the mid-1900s that plagued rural America. Dr. West was an MK-ULTRA veteran, a throwback to the CIA's ruthless Dulles era, when human subjects used in mind control experiments were disposable, and the perceptions of Americans were managed by CIA propagandists in the media, often by generating fear and panic to achieve political ends. The rise of the cat mutilations coincided with reports of ritual abuse at the McMartin Preschool in Manhattan Beach. Dr. West's NPI offered the children low-cost therapy to "treat" (study) their psychological trauma (primarily searching for a reliable means of inducing a dissociative state, or multiple personality disorder, in young children)  - at the same time, Dr. West sat on the board of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, a CIA front that denied the existence of ritual abuse. Parents who spoke openly about the rape of the children at the preschool were likely to find a cat, sometimes their own, cut to pieces and left on their doorstep to silence them.

Cat Mutilations Spread Fear of Cults in Suburb
New York Times, Aug. 13, 1989:


The reports of horrible new nocturnal mutilations come almost weekly, the latest last weekend, when a tiger-and-white striped tabby was found in two pieces. Oddly, no one ever hears any noise, and dogs do not bark. There is never any blood on the ground, just a torn feline carcass on the front lawn when the sun rises over Orange County.

Sixty-seven victims have been found in the last three months months alone, some of them cut in half with what some say is almost surgical precision, others disemboweled or skinned.

The deaths have touched off an emotional dispute in this area about 45 miles south of Los Angeles, a suburb where a typical home has a dog, a cat a green lawn and two cars behind bushes of oleander.

Pet owners, galvanized by recent reports of ritualistic animal mutilations in California, New Jersey, Florida and other states, say all signs point to something very unnatural, possibly a satanic cult or youth gangs at work. But animal control and sheriff's officers, after necropsies on dozens of cats and consultation this week with a Federal wildlife expert, say the more likely culprits are urbanized coyotes. A Few Tufts of Fur ...

August 13, 1989
Cruelty To Animals
Religious Cults
Tustin (CaliF.)


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