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Billionaire Clive Palmer Recruits Ex-Murdoch Staffers to Launch Anti-Murdoch News Site

Alex Constantine - August 17, 2013

Clive Palmer looks set to do online battle with long standing opponents in  the Rupert Murdoch group of newspapers with the launch of a news website staffed  by ex-Murdoch journos.

Palmer’s company Mineralogy registered the website newsonnews.com.au earlier this week, and The Drum understands that  content will be provided by “disgruntled former News Limited journalists”.

The Influencing.com website reported that Palmer “has obviously had issues with journalists at News  Limited”, and that “mass sackings” at the company “has left a lot of disgruntled  former employees wanting to spill the beans”.

Palmer, campaigning ahead of the federal election with his Palmer United  Party, is not expected to launch the venture until after the election has  concluded.   ‘News On News’ is expected to cover news, publishing,  online, advertising, multimedia and printed goods.


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