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BBC Adds Fuel to 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

Alex Constantine - July 26, 2008

A BBC programme investigating the conspiracy theories of September 11 is expected to prolong speculation that the attacks were perpetrated by the American government.

03 Jul 2008

The investigation into the "mysterious" collapse of the third tower of the World Trade Centre will re-examine questions which an official inquiry was designed to answer.

The 47-storey tower collapsed seven hours after the Twin Towers and has become the subject of heated speculation and a host of conspiracy theories which suggest it was brought down by a controlled demolition. The final official report on the World Trade Centre is due to be published this month and official investigators are expected to conclude that fire caused the collapse of the third tower.

Fuelling the conspiracy theorists, however, a BBC investigation points out that this would be the first and only skyscraper in the world to collapse solely due to fire. A programme called the Conspiracy Files says it is trying to "explore man unanswered questions to find out what really happened, and why some people think there was a sinister plot to destroy the building."

A host of, frequently well educated, conspiracy theorists have grown up both inside and outside the Muslim community following the attacks of September 11 and July 7, arguing they could not be the work of Islamic extremists.

Within the Muslim community the attacks are often blamed on "the Jews," accompanied by claims that no Jews died in the attacks.

Outside conspiracy theorists prefer the "false flag" theory that the attacks were a pretence for going to war in Afghanistan and Iraq, with the deaths regarded as collateral damage. Some conspiracy theorists claim there must have been bombs strapped to the aircraft but the favourite theory is that the collapse of the third tower could not have happened without outside help.

Common to all the theories, which proliferate on the internet, is the idea that journalists are helping cover up the truth.


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