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Watch Sarah Palin's Facebook Scrubbing in Real Time

January 22, 2011 0

By Helen A.S. Popkin

Technolog on | January 13, 2011

In their attempt to distance Sarah Palin from the controversial "target map" following the Arizona shootings, the former Alaska governor and her aides  aren't just deflecting criticism, they're deleting it too.

Google cache reveals that, Palin's site that which featured "targeted" congresspeople (including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords), shut down  soon after the Arizona shootings. If you think that was fast, check out how quickly critical and unsavory comments vanish from Palin's Facebook page in this video filmed in real time.

Will it work? "You can't take something off the Internet, even if you put it there," observes AdAge's Josh Bernoff in "Sarah Palin learns the Web has no undo" feature. And, "attempts to do so only make it worse."


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