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Wall Street Fraud Watchdog Warns Investors of Potential for an Extremely Volatile 2012 Economy From Real Estate to Stock Markets & Commodities

The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog is warning that 2012 has storm clouds on the horizon, and the group is warning all investors to be extremely cautious. With millions of home foreclosures in the US mortgage pipelines, and a recent spike in US homeowners going delinquent on their mortgage payments, the group sees no possible chance for a rebound, or stabilization of US home prices.

In fact, because of the foreclosure situation is so bad, the group expects another 5% to 10% further devaluation in US residential real estate markets. Just as worrisome to the group is the political climate in Washington, DC, where the Obama Administration has tied its political fortunes to class warfare pitting upper income citizens, or even middle class income citizens, against those who are not. The group expects the US 2012 Presidential elections to be possibly the most divisive in US history, with the worry being the more divisive the politics, the less certain people are about the economy.

The group also doubts the European debt crisis will end well, with a possible break up of the Euro. Most worrisome to the group is the potential for widespread conflict in the Middle East, involving Iran’s attempt to get a nuclear weapon, or Iran’s involvement in anti government protests on the Arabian Peninsula, or in Syria. As the group looks into 2012, the only smart economic plays they see are silver, or oil futures.

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