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Teacher Accused of Forming ‘Secret Society’ to have Sex with Teen Girls

Alex Constantine - November 8, 2009

Reported by: Elsa Ramon
Email: ElsaRamon@woaitv.com
10/27 7:03 pm

Story - Teacher Accused of Forming 'Secret Society' to have Sex with Teen GirlsRobert Louis Rosseau (Photo from school Web site)

SAN ANTONIO -- A teacher at a local school has been accused of sexually assaulting two teenage girls.

Police arrested 37-year-old Robert Louis Rosseau Tuesday.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit, Rosseau teaches middle school "science, keyboarding, and bible classes at a local Christian-based school. The affidavit states that a third teen reported she was asked by two other girls to join a 'secret society' call the "Order" which was based on the occult, magic, Freemasonry, and Christianity. The girl was told by the pair that to be a member of the society, she would have to be 'intimate' with the director, identified as Rosseau, in order to establish trust.

The girl said she met with Rosseau at the home of one of the other girls but refused to join the group. She was reportedly later told that Rosseau was receiving pressure from his superiors to have her submit to him.

Police were informed about the incidences after the girl got into an argument with classmates at school about revealing that Rosseau might be having sex with the two other girls. After police were told the girl had been in contact with Rosseau through computer chat room emails, police obtained permission from the girl's family to collect her home computer.

According to the arrest warrant affidavit, both of the other two girls initially denied having sex with Rosseau as well as the existence of the 'Order' when questioned by police. However, one of the girls later told her parents and police that she had been engaged in a sexual relationship with Rosseau for 10 months. She said she too had been recruited into the 'Order' by a friend and was told she should demonstrate her trust and strict adherence to the society by having sex with Rosseau. She told police that the friend who had recruited her had been having sex with Rosseau since 2007.

The arrest warrant affidavit goes on to say the girl said Rosseau told her the 'Order' rules authorized him to have sex with them and that he would read Bible passages to the them to legitimize that belief.

Rosseau has been charged with Sexual Assault of a Child.


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