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Reading List: CIA/Media War Against Left-Wing 9/11 and CIA Assassination "Conspiracy Theorists"

December 17, 2009 0

Some of the harshest critics of documented, liberal 9/11 "conspiracy theories" move on to engage in ridiculous right-wing conspiracy theories themselves. Fox News, for instance, participates in the Birther hoax and finds the Executive Office involved in  oxymoronic "Socialist/Nazi" plots -- employing rhetorical tools of McCarthyism and Holocaust denial. Ridicule has proven to be an effective tactic. Others include reductio ad absurdum, lumping legitimate research with conspiratorial garbage (Birther and "Climategate" claims, for instance, "aliens" and Kennedy murder) planted on the web by operatives and intelligence assets, also unabashed disinformation, appeals to conservative "authority," censorship, red-baiting and "liberal-fascist" projection. Legislation is needed to stop the intelligence agencies from waging any form of warfare against the American populace, including psyops designed to conceal the crimes of those agencies.

- AC

* Ramon Gilsanz, Contributor to the NIST 9/11 Study, Changed His Story/Vanishing Reports

* National Geographic Special Marginalizing 9/11 Truthers Brought to You by Rupert Murdoch and the CIA

* Kathy Shaidle, UnTruther & Unabashed Racist


* "THE PATH TO 9/11" (PART 8): Southeastern Asset Management (SAM), Longleaf Partners and Perception Management TV

* The BBC, Amazing Pederast James Randi and CIA Mind Control

* Fascist Conspirator Arnaud de Borchgrave Blames Ft. Hood Murders on 9/11 Truthers

* Peter Roff - a Sun Myung Moon "Cultist" - Attacks "Fringe" 9/11 Truth Movement in US News & World Report

* Invisible History, Afghanistan's Untold Story, is no Conspiracy Theory

* Vincent Carroll's Lazy-Man's Guide to 9/11

* Letter to the NYT - 9/11 and the “War on Terrorism”: Facts and Myths

* CIA Infiltration of Pacifica - Larry Bensky's Hang-Ups


* Dr. Patrick Leman, New Scientist's Debunker of Conspiracy Theories, and the NAZI History of the Nuffield Foundation, which Funds Dr. Leman

* Who Killed Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake? Also: TCI/Heritage Communications' Jim Cownie, News Corp.'s Rupert Murdoch & the "Paranoia" of Theresa Duncan

* Film Targets JFK Conspiracy Theories & the Boston Globe's Reviewer Alex Beam Reviles 9/11 Truthers, too (Update: BOSTON GLOBE'S ALEX BEAM - SON OF A NAZI/CIA COLLABORATOR - DEFLECTS ATTENTION FROM HIS OWN FAMILY BY WRITING ABOUT QUISLING FRANCES GOULD)

* David Corn: Controlled Liberal, Status-Quo-9/11-Card-Marking-Limited-Hang-Out Water Carrier for the CIA

* Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi Terrorizes 9/11 Truthers Also: Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi is Mentally Ill and will Only be Hunter S. Thompson in his most Far-Fetched Dreams

* Chomsky Manufactures Consent on Official 9/11 Cover Stories

* Fascism is Inherently Conspiratorial - Response to Dallas Observer

* Establishment Media Debunkers of Conspiracy Research - Who are They? (Part One): RM Scaife Concubine Emerson Vermaat

* Establishment Media Debunkers of Conspiracy Research - Who are They? (Part Two): Lev Grossman, the Time Reporter who Hated V for Vendetta

* Commission Atty. John Farmer Claims 9/11 was the Result of "Massive Bureaucratic Failures"

* Homeland Security Links 9/11 Truthers to Taliban (2007)

* The Media 9/11 Debunking Machine is now a Smoking Gun

* Two Fake Books on the Kennedy Assassination, Ultimate Sacrifice & Legacy of Secrecy, Shift the Onus from the CIA to the Mafia

* Max Holland's Fake Book on JFK Murder Lauded by the Propaganda Press


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