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‘Progressive Hunter’ Assassination Target Calls for Fox News Advertiser Boycott

By Joe Garofoli
SF Chronicle | October 15 2010

Drummond Pike, the CEO of the San Francisco-based Tides Foundation — which was the target of an assassination attempt by Groveland resident Byron Williams last summer — has sent a letter to a dozen top Fox News advertisers, urging them to pull all their ads from the cable news network. Check out his letter here.

The connection? Pike cites jailhouse interviews with Williams like this one, where Williams says “I would have never started watching Fox News if it wasn’t for the fact that Beck was on there. And it was the things that he did, it was the things he exposed that blew my mind.”

In his  letter, Pike writes:

“The next ‘assassin’ may succeed, and if so, there will be blood on many hands. The choice is yours. Please join my call to do the right thing in this regard and put Fox News at arm’s length from your company by halting your advertising with them,” Pike writes.

“Although not a political organization, the Tides Foundation has been a frequent target of misinformation, propaganda, and outright lies by Fox News’ Glenn Beck. Since his arrival at Fox in early 2009, Beck has repeatedly vilified Tides, suggesting we are intent on “creat[ing] a mass organization to seize power.”

“He accuses the foundation of indoctrination and says we are ‘involved in some of the nastiest of the nasty.’ Beck tells viewers that Tides has ‘funneled’ money to ‘some of the most extreme groups on the left;’ and that our mission is to ‘warp your children’s brains and make sure they know how evil capitalism is.’ In total, prior to the attempted rampage, Beck had attacked the Tides Foundation 29 times.

“On September 28th, more than a month after the shooting, Beck reiterated his focus on the Tides Foundation, warning, ‘I’m coming for you.’ In jailhouse interviews, the gunman confessed he views Beck as a ‘schoolteacher’ who ‘blew my mind.’ My would-be killer admitted that Beck ‘give[s] you every ounce of evidence you could possibly need’ to commit violence.”

So far, there have been no advertiser responses to the letter, a Tides spokesperson told us Friday.

“We are not aware of any advertiser defections because of this group,” Mike Mandelker, vice president-Eastern sales for the Fox News Channel, said Friday.

The Fox advertiser boycott is reminiscent of another one called by a Bay Area nonprofit — Color of Change.


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  1. Lyle Courtsal October 7, 2011

    The nazi liars pigeonhole the truth tellers again. Remember their most massive recent lie; flipping the poll results that said 60% of us support collective bargaining for public employees by lying and saying only 33% did; there’s the nazi philosophy again; when you lie, lie big and nationally.


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