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Liverpool: Far-Right on Campus -- National Culturists Exposed

March 13, 2013 0

“... The National Culturists, like much of the so-called ‘New-Right’, use the coded language of ‘culture’ and ‘religion’ to deflect accusations of racism, but scratch the surface and you find the same old fascist politics rebranded for the 21st century. ..."

On their website The National Culturists claim to be against racism but on his personal blog “boy wonder of the British far-right” posted Obama image captioned with “n****r” and boasted of connections with Nick Griffin

March 11, 2013

University of Liverpool politics student and National Culturists Chairman Jack Buckby caused a stir in the national press and on twitter recently after being profiled by Vice magazine.

Buckby hopes to build a presence for his controvercial organisation on campus, with the declared aim to “promote love and a desire to preserve culture.” Other contributors to the National Culturist website include self-declared fascist Craig Cooke and John Press, an American far-right activist. Cooke left the group a few weeks ago to form the “New British Union” which Buckby denounces.

However, articles by Cooke (including one on how Unite Against Fascism is “promoting government genocide”) have still not been removed from the website. Despite the claims to be a home for moderate right wing students and against racism LSMedia has been sent screencaps of Buckby’s now deleted personal Tumblr which contain racist, homophobic and sexist language.

Buckby captioned a poster of President of the United States Barack Obama with the term “n****r”, used homophobic slurs, and posted a white pride cross. He bemoans “white meat” (his term for “indigenous” white women) courting “gangsta black guys” and refers to mixed race children as “little imps.”

Buckby says that these quotes have been taken “out of context” and were “in retaliation to a black supremacist who posted pictures of white people with ‘cracker’ beneath the image … the point was to show racisim cuts both ways.”

The National Culturist website says “any instances of race hate found amongst our members will be dealt with by permanent expulsion from the movement.”

“I’ve been talking to BNP members and officials for a long time about effectively engaging young people”

The deleted blog provides insight into the scope of Buckby’s political ambition. He uploaded a picture of himself in a youtube video with the caption “will be coming to an office in Westminster eventually.” He boasts having been in conversation with BNP (British National Party) officials “for some time” about “how to effectively engage young people.” He adds that Nick Griffin took a personal interest in his earlier political project “the new nationalist.” Buckby does not deny this, but claims to have talked to “officials from a number of parties.”

Local anti-fascist campaigners claim that the National Culturists are a front for the British National Party to gain traction on campus. The BNP is covered by the National Union of Students’ “no platform” policy. Buckby says this is “rubbish” but does not deny being a member.

The organisations attempt to leaflet last year's freshers fair was met with protesters chanting “nazi scum off our streets.”

Before moving to Liverpool, which Buckby refers to as an “ultra-left stronghold”, he appears to have developed a fear of the anti-fascist activists. He made several posts about hiring bodyguards, adding that “growing up with hells angels” was “paying off.”

At the freshers fair Buckby and Cooke turned up with a minder who wore an “infidels” badge. Anti-fascists believe it to be a reference to the violent North West Infidels group, five of whom have been arrested by North West Counter Terrorism Unit for attacking musicians outside an anti-fascist fund-raiser on Bold street.

American influence: who is John Press?

Alternatively described as a “doctor” and “professor” on far-right websites, John Press is cited as the National Culturists main intellectual inspiration, and has given his blessing to their efforts in Liverpool. He has also written articles for another marginal far-right grouping, the British Freedom Party, in which he argues that the movement should transfer its rhetoric from “race” to “culture.”

“When they call you a racist, say you are a culturist.”

An anti-fascist campaigner said:

“The National Culturists, like much of the so-called ‘New-Right’, use the coded language of ‘culture’ and ‘religion’ to deflect accusations of racism, but scratch the surface and you find the same old fascist politics rebranded for the 21st century. The Culturists use the same narrative as that of Norwegian fascist Anders Breivik, who massacred 77 people in July 2011, in claiming that institutions of society are dominated by ‘cultural marxists’ who promote ‘destructive’ ideas such as multiculturalism, women’s liberation and sexual equality.”

Far-right connections

Although yet to make many waves in mainstream politics, ‘culturism’ has caused a stir in the international far-right. Members of the National Culturists, including Buckby, addressed the Alliance of European National Movements. Attendees included the infamous French Front National and the anti-semitic Jobbik from Hungary.

The group also have links with the English Defence League. Buckby says “ideologically I am totally on their side.”

In reply to this article Buckby continues to insist he finds racisim “abhorrent.” Since making that statement, he has published a poster on his twitter urging students not have sex with “blacks or bisexuals.”

“We need these posters for campus” he adds.

Chairman says student society is “next step”

Buckby has said in an article on the National Culturists website that him aims to make another push to build his organisation on campus next September. He says his plans are “on a national scale” but will take “years.”

“We are yet to open our first University society but believe me, that’s our next step. We will perform a nationwide attack on liberal, leftist hatred of culture”

Anti-fascists have vowed to oppose any attempt: “This is not just a debating society, in Liverpool over the last year or so there have been fascist attacks on trade unionists, the bookshop and women’s co-op News From Nowhere, and the far-right have been involved in stoking up sectarian violence against the Liverpool Irish community.”


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